Electro Madness – Bassline Arpeggio Synth Loops

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280 wave loops, each without and with effect, total 560 wave loops, synths, basslines, arpeggios. An electro bassline, arpeggio and synth loop collection.

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www.vipzone-samples.comBPM MASTERS 1 - ELECTRO MADNESS

Electro Bassline Loops

Electro Madness is the first pack of our new BPM Masters series and offers you a huge Electro Bassline, Arpeggio and Synth Loop selection. In this pack you will find a massive collection of fat “Analog Electro Synth Loops” in uncompromising quality for high demands.

The different loops are divided into 3 tempos (128 BPM, 135 BPM, 140 BPM) and are available in WAV (dry professional versions, without effects) and MP3 format (longer, wet versions – with effects).

The pack contains “fat synth loops“, “basslines” and “arpeggios” which can be combined in various ways to form complete tracks.

Pack Content:

  1. 560 wave loops in total (280 wet loops, 280 fx-ed loops)
  2. 150 loops in tempo 128 BPM (each without and with effect, so 300 wave loops)
  3. 100 loops at 135 BPM (each without and with effect, so 200 wave loops)
  4. 30 loops in tempo 140 BPM (each without and with effect, so 60 wave loops)

Arpeggio and Synth Loop Collection

In this Electro Sample Pack you will find a great synth loop selection. The fat and analog Electro Synth Loops are in high quality and ready to use. You can combine them with the Electro Bassline Loops as well as with the Arpeggios.

All samples are available in two different versions. Both in the version “dry”, so without effect. As well as in the version “wet”, with effect. You can decide for yourself if you want to use your own effects, or if you want to import the ready-made loops and start right away.

Loops in three different tempos

The loop collection is divided into three tempos:

128 BPM
135 BPM
140 BPM

So in terms of tempo you are also flexible.

These loops can be combined with other sample packs from our program. You can find suitable drum loops in our Electro House Sample Pack “Electro-House Drumloops”. And you can find more Electro Synths in our “Electro Synths” Sample Pack.

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Loops, Melodies

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