The beginning

VIPZONE and the idea of releasing samples was born in 2004. We, i.e. the team behind VIPZONE, were already active as dance music producers since the end of the 90’s and again and again we received questions like “where did you get this hook sound…?” or “how do I get such a lead sound…?”.

So we released the first lead multisamples, and after the demand in the community became bigger and bigger, more samples, midi melodies, leads, acapella vocals and construction kits were created bit by bit. Especially successful are our exclusive Acapella Vocals, which have already been used and published in hundreds of productions.

Our mission

Class, instead of mass…small, but fine, with the focus on quality. With our selection of samples we want to give your productions the finishing touch. Our samples are mostly exclusive and with a few exceptions royalty free.

The team

A VIPZONE without a team would be like the Avengers without superheroes…VIPZONE may be located in beautiful Cologne, Germany, but the team behind VIPZONE is globally distributed and consists of producers as well as content creators from all over the world, who are all connected by their passion for electronic music.