What Will Our Acapellas Offer Your Music?

Here at VIPZONE we know all about the trials and tribulations of making music.

And we have struggled with the problem of getting a good vocalist at the right price. What we have achieved with our collection of acapellas is to provide a selection of vocal samples that can really be used to make great tunes that will reflect your musical tastes and styles. We have worked with a range of successful and talented singers to produce our acapellas. And we are confident that you will find the selection and variety of vocal samples available to be very impressive.

Top Quality Acapellas From Proven Singers

Acapellas by Lyane Leigh
Kate Lesing Acapella Pack

One of the key things that we have done when preparing our range of acapellas for the website is to work with some of the best and most successful singers that we can find. Artists like Lyane Leigh have already made records that have achieved gold and platinum sales. And with that sort of record you can be confident that the acapellas you buy will really hit the spot. Another of our singers, Kate Lesing has also produced a number of excellent acapellas for us. Kate has the magical voice that can convey a range of different emotions in her vocals.

Another principle that has been vital in developing our range of acapellas is that quality is vital in order for you to be able to make truly great tracks using these vocals. The talented singers combine with songs written by some of the country’s best songwriters to deliver acapellas that really can be adapted to a range of different music styles. Whether you are just experimenting with making music for fun. Or you are a professional looking for quality vocals to work with. Our packages really are worth considering.

Vocal Samples Free From Royalties

Another of the reasons that the acapellas to be found on VIPZONE have proven so popular and successful is that they are completely free from royalties. The reason this is such a big feature for producers and DJ’s. That means you are free to use these acapellas commercially. All this without having to pay any of the profits or fees from playing records to the vocalist. The issue of royalties can often become a problem. For many people as it can take the proceeds from airplay and sales from a record and strip away much of the profit. That can be the difference between being able to produce more music or having to give up.

We know that our customers aren’t buying the acapellas just to make money. Because making great music is a passion not a gravy train. However, buying acapellas that are royalty free means that there will be no arguments or disputes about how the royalties are split. In essence, any proceeds or profits from the music that you make using the acapellas are yours to keep. The only thing that the producer has to do is to register the author as the sole lyricist with the royalty collecting societies and on any credits and label copy for the track. This can be done through VIPZONE if the producer isn’t part of any royalty collecting societies.

Acapellas From A Variety Of Genres

Making music that will cross over from one genre to another is something that happens a lot. And one track in one genre will often be remixed or tweaked to give an entirely different sound. This is why the acapellas that we offer are designed to be able to fit into a wide range of genres. You have the flexibility to be edited to suit your needs. Our talented vocalists are able to sing the professionally written lyrics beautifully. They key with our great acapellas is that they really will suit a variety of different musical backdrops.

Another important feature of our acapellas is that they come in two flavours. With one version being deliver ‘dry’ in a very natural way that hasn’t been altered or changed at all. The second versions of each of the acapellas that we provide in each package are the ‘wet’ versions. And these have been mastered and have effects added to help inspire and make them great to work with. Whether you’re looking for acapellas that can be used for electro, house, trance, dance, hardstyle, rock or even pop music. Our packages have the professional vocal samples that you can work with to make your music great.

Flexible Files That Are Easy To Edit

Editing music and fitting the different parts into the finished tracks can be tough at the best of times. So our acapellas are delivered in the easiest format to work with for novices and experienced producers alike. Each package is offered with a wav file of the acapallas. And each of the acapellas have at least one verse and refrain meaning that they can be divided and fitted into different parts of the track as required.

The wav files that we supply are simple to edit. They still have the high quality sound that we like in our acapellas. A great track is about more than just great vocals. But being able to accurately edit and place these vocals into your work makes a huge difference to the finished product. We also include MIDI chords with our samples that are ideal for those new to creating music electronically.

The Perfect Vocal Samples For Novices And Professionals Alike

Developing a reputation as a producer and DJ is not something that will happen overnight. Many people who work hard to make music will find much of their profit seeps away on royalties and other expenses. Even for those talented individuals who quickly develop a popular track, it can often be discouraging to find the effort doesn’t seem worthwhile.

The ethos here at VIPZONE is that we produce the quality acapellas that will allow you to use your talent to make great tracks.

Whether you are just starting out and looking to try working around vocals without the exorbitant cost of hiring a vocalist, or are a professional working on the next track, our acapellas can give you the inspiration and the material you need.