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Kate Lesing Acapella Vocals Vol. 1

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Vocal Samples

Stunning Vocal Samples For The Music Professional

One of the most difficult things for professionals working in the music business is to arrange vocal samples at a reasonable price. So here at VIPZONE we thought we’d do the hard work for you. As you look through the range of different vocal samples that we have on offer it is clear that there is plenty of choice available. And we have made an effort to cater to a number of different genres too. We feel that the vocal packages we have on offer not only offer excellent value. In addition they really offer a great starting block and really give you the freedom to make the music you want.

Never Pay Any Royalties On The Samples

One of the most attractive features of the vocals that are available on VIPZONE is that they are completely royalty free. In other words, whatever money you are paid for the music is yours to keep. All of our talented singers and vocalists have agreed to make the vocal samples for a fixed fee. And even if you turn these samples into a big hit: They have already been paid a fair price for their work. This makes the entire process simple to manage. And it ensures that there will be no disputes or arguments between producer and vocal talent at a later date.

The benefit of using vocals

What is the real benefit of using royalty free vocal samples for your music? You will get properly rewarded for your work and talent at making music. The packages we provide do offer a very high standard of vocal for you to work with. But it is the skill and instinct when making the music. However, that will really turn these vocal samples into successful tracks.

The only thing you have to do when releasing any music: Register the author as the sole lyricist with the royalty collecting societies. And include their name on any credits or label copy. The author royalties are paid seperately by record companies. They pay royalties when releasing music or through online sales. That is to say, you won’t lose out at all. We have already had successful tracks by DJ Dean and Central Seven. They made them using our vocal packages. And they have benefited from the royalty free samples.

Professional Quality Samples For You To Work With

We all know that there are an increasing number of DJs and producers that are now beginning to work from home. Many people making music in their garage or bedroom. However, when it comes to singer vocals: The difference between material that has been made in the studio and that which has been created at home by an amateur is clear to hear. In short, you won’t hear any crackles or fuzziness in our samples. Just crisp and clear vocals that are perfect for you to shape to suit your own music.


We have teamed up with a number of professional vocalists in order to create our vocal packages. And these are reflected in the samples available for you to use. Talented and successful singers like Lyane Leigh and Kate Lesing. They have already achieved success in their own right have teamed up with professional songwriters to make these excellent packages. We also have a range of genre specific vocal samples. From artists such as MC Freeflow for those of you looking for club and rap samples.

Packages That Are Easy To Use And Edit

We know that fiddling with awkward files isn’t really what you want from your vocal samples. Therefore our packages are offered in wav files. They combine the high quality sound with ease of use. These vocal samples are compatible with all major music editing software. And they are available to work with straight away once purchased. The instant download means there is no waiting around for the vocal samples to arrive. Just download the package and start inserting those acapellas into your music.


Another benefit of using the vocal samples available from VIPZONE: You not only have the clean and unedited version of the vocal to work with from scratch. We also include an edited version that is ready to use. Our producers work with the vocals to offer a vocal that has already been edited to suit popular genres. Meaning they can often be simply dropped straight in to your track with very little tweaking and editing. The key features that we incorporate into our packages are to make them very easy to use. In addition they have a high quality, which is exactly what music producers and DJs need.

Vocals Suitable For A Wide Range Of Genres

As music professionals ourselves, here at VIPZONE we have worked with a number of others in the business to create our range of vocal samples that are on offer. With so much music being created outside of the traditional studio environment now, getting a good sample for a track in many genres can be difficult. So we’ve tried to make our range as broad as possible. Whether you’re looking for a simple refrain, a rap one-liner or a full verse and refrain combination. Our vocal samples will have something that is just right for your track.


As well as the excellent vocal samples suitable for genres from dance and trance through to electro and techno. The unedited versions of our vocals can also be used for more traditional music like rock and pop. The sheer variety of ways in which our vocal samples have been edited and cut to fit into music tracks has even impressed us. And it shows how talented our customers can be.

No Legal Issues – Just Great Vocal Samples

As professionals who have to deal with music companies regularly, you will know that having the rights to use samples is vital to getting things done. And these are included in the license agreement that accompanies our vocal samples packages. If you need high quality vocal samples that can be used quickly and without complication for a professional result. You can trust our samples!


The costs and complexities of hiring a vocalist. And in addition to deal with all of legal aspects of including their work on your tracks can be a nightmare. So why not download a demo of some of our vocal samples, and see for yourself the quality of the vocals.