Electro Pumping Loops – Lead and Bass WAV Midi Loops

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240 wave synth loops (120 lead and 120 bass loops) and 120 midi files (60 lead and 60 bass midis) plus 25 bonus wav loops. Pumping electro loops for official music productions.

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www.vipzone-samples.comELECTRO PUMPING LOOPS

Pumping Electro Loops for official music productions

Collection of up-to-date PUMPING ELECTRO SYNTH LOOPS (WAV + MIDI).

Produce contemporary electro tracks with nearly 400 cutting-edge synth loops (bass and lead).

The loops are available in two different versions, “normal and sidechained”.
Besides the WAV loops, this pack also contains 120 midi files, so you can use your own sounds in addition to the ready-made loops.

Pack Content:

  1. 240 Wav Synth Loops (120 bass and 120 lead loops)
  2. 120 midi files (60 bass and 60 lead midis)
  3. 15 analog Sequences Wav Loops
  4. 10 Clubhouse Wav Loops, each in the version dry (without effect) and wet (with effect)

This pack can also be combined with the predecessors of this series

These official and pumping electro loops can be perfectly combined with our predecessors of this sample pack series. In this one you will find House Drum Loops as well as other fat Synth Loops especially for Electro and Electro-House music productions.

Basses and Leads

This sample pack contains mainly basses and leads. You get them in WAV and Midi format. Specifically, you get 60 bass midis and 60 lead midis. These are also included as WAV files. All loops were recorded with official and professional synths and sounds.

Normal and Sidechained Loops

You get the mentioned WAV files in two versions. Once normal. And additionally in the “sidechain” version. This gives you maximum flexibility in production.

Again summarized you get in this Electro Sample Pack the following:

  1. Bass Midis (60x)
  2. Lead Midis (60x)
  3. Bass Loops in the version “normal” (60x)
  4. Bass loops in the version “sidechain” (60x)
  5. Lead loops in the version “normal” (60x)
  6. Lead Loops in the version “sidechain” (60x)
  7. Analog Sequences as Wav Loops (15x)
  8. Clubhouse Wav Loops in the version “dry”, i.e. without effect (10x)
  9. Clubhouse Wav Loops in the version “wet”, i.e. with effect (10x)

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Product Features


MID Midi, WAV Wave


Dance, Electro, House, Techno


Loops, Melodies

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