Hardstyle Pro Samples – Hardstyle Sample Pack with fat Hardstyle Kicks

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Hardstyle sample pack with kickdrums, basses, leads, loops, percussions and vocals for music productions from hardstyle, gabber, jumpstyle, frenchcore, speedcore etc.



A true hardstyle sample pack for harder, louder sounds

Full of pro samples of hardstyle kicks, leads, basslines and vocals, with pounding loops and a bonus set of percussions, this hardstyle sample pack gives you a complete set of samples for your hardstyle sound. Over 200 different samples plus 168 extra percussions mean that when creating your new sound, you have endless possibilities.

With acapella vocals and a wide choice of hardstyle kick sample, along with bass, leads and percussions, your next hardstyle or jumpstyle project will have the authentic sound you are looking for. And with so many sounds available, this royalty free hardstyle kick pack will inspire your production, letting you combine complete basslines with vocals and leads to build a unique sound.

Royalty free, all the sounds in our hardstyle sample pack are ready to go in your next project. Helping you to create a harder, louder sound that will take your music to the next level.

Hardstyle kicks, bass, vocals and leads, everything for authentic hardstyle sounds

With each sample of hardstyle kicks, basses, vocals and more created for hardstyle, gabber, jumpstyle, frenchcore, speedcore and other high energy music, you have everything you need to create the authentic, hard hitting sound you have in mind.
Including a high-quality hardstyle kick sample selection, basses, complete basslines and more, all royalty free and in WAV format so you can just drop them into your workflow with ease.

This is a hardstyle kick pack that has so much more. Whatever your inspiration, wherever you want to go with your music, these hardstyle kicks and other samples will bring it to life, quickly.

A complete Hardstyle sample pack for your next track

Including everything you need for your hardstyle or jumpstyle productions, our value pack contains:

Another pack for hardstylers and jumpstylers, packed with 100% official hardstyle / jumpstyle samples!

In this pack you will find everything you need for your hardstyle / jumpstyle productions from “kicks” to “basslines” to “lead sounds” and “vocals.

Pack Content:
93 Hardstyle Kickdrums
31 Jumpstyle Kickdrums
21 Basslines
38 Complete Basslines (Kick and Bass)
16 Hard Leads and Noises
12 Pounding Loops
18 Soft Leads
8 Sounds
50 Dark Deep Vocals
13 Dark Evil Vocals
168 Extra Percussions

It`s harder, louder and it will smash your brain…!

Matching this pack you will find fat and hard leads in our Hardstyle Midi Pack.

Hardstyle Pro Samples

Another pack for Hardstyle and Jumpstyle, packed with 100% Hardstyle / Jumpstyle samples!
In this pack you can find kicks, basslines, lead sounds and vocals, percussions, ready to use kick and bass sequences and more…

Everything you need for your Hardstyle / Jumpstyle productions

It`s harder, louder and it will smash your brain…!

Before we introduce our latest smashing samples collection let us talk first a little about the hardstyle and jumpstyle music genres. Both genres are the perfect tool for serving funky music lovers. They are the current rage among those who love to shake a leg and groove all night long. Music producers and DJs are desperately seeking new “weapons” to keep these hard music lovers on their toes. And to keep the rave jazzed up to the wee hours of the morning.

Coming back to our latest product, we give you the Hardstyle Samples, the perfect and only tool you will need to achieve all your music ambitions.

This pack is especially put together to serve the harder dance fans. Complete with an unmatchable collection of the best basses and kicks along with a unique collection of hardstyle vocals and hardstyle lead sounds this is a pack that brings you all in one for making chart busting music productions in either the jumpstyle or hardstyle genre.

The pack is chock-a-full of samples containing a dynamic variety of music tools all recorded in mixed format for added spice.
Whether you’re looking for a hardstyle drum kit or hard sounds, you’ll find it here.

Great Samples for your Hardstyle Productions: Kicks, Basses, Loops, Sounds, Vocals

The mix is exhilarating and invigorating and great for creating floor beats. Incorporating these superb sound mixes in your music will ensure your ability to rock the club as never before. Beat your competitors in a wild card and get a rare advantage for your music compositions.

The content is arranged in mixed formats and will add a little spice and flavor to your hardstyle music productions. So if you are one of those DJs or producers who look for the best in hardstyle or jumpstyle samples. Then this is a pack that is geared to meet all your demanding music tastes. Don’t let a golden opportunity slip through your fingers. Try out the Hardstyle Pro Samples pack today.

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Acapella Vocals, Loops, One Shots

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