Electro Construction Kits Vol. 2 – WAV Loops

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30 Electro Construction Kits with 240+ loops in wave format. Matching drums, basses, snares, hihats and synths for instant import and arranging. From drum to snare loops, everything you need for complete tracks is included.


www.vipzone-samples.comElectro Constr. Kits Vol. 2

Construction Kits for Electro for the second time

For the second time it’s “Construction Kits for Electro Tracks” and again everything is included, from drum to snare loops.

30 Royalty Free New Style Electro Kits (Drum, Bass, Snare, Hihat and Synth – Loops) for direct integration into your Electro productions…

30 Electro Kits with over 240 loops in WAV format.
The total data size is over 280 MB.

The loops can be combined with each other in many variations, giving you many different possibilities to quickly create official “Electro Structures” and integrate them into running productions.

Everything you need to arrange a complete Electro track…

Electro WAV Loops.

Pack Content:

  1. 244 loops divided into different folders
  2. Total 280 MB WAV files
  3. Loop tempo: 128 BPM
  4. Format: WAV

Each of the 30 electro kits is stored in a separate folder and contains drum, bass, snare, hihat and synth loops.

From drum to snare loops everything is included

The second edition of the Electro Construction Kits contains everything you need to build complete tracks. These high quality and official sounding samples fit perfectly to all Electro productions.

Specifically, you get in this pack the following content for your DAW:

  1. Drum Loops
  2. Bass Loops
  3. Snare Loops
  4. Hihat Loops
  5. Synth Loops

You get 30 construction kits with a total of over 240 loops. All loops are in WAV format. This means that they can be imported directly into all DAWs without any problems. The tempo of the samples is 128 BPM. The content has a total size of over 280 MB.

These kits fit seamlessly into our Construction Kit series. You can get such kits for different styles, such as Electro, Hardstyle or Techno.

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Dance, Electro, House, Techno


Construction Kits, Loops, Melodies

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