Electro-House Drumloops – Electro House Sample Pack – Drum Loops and Drum Samples

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250 Electro House Drum Loops in wav-format. House and Electro Drum Samples as well as House and Electro Loops in an single Electro House Sample Pack.

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www.vipzone-samples.comELECTRO-HOUSE DRUMLOOPS

This is the first pack of our new Electro House Sample Pack Series

with amazing Electro and House Drum Loops, as well as Electro and House Drum Samples…Essential for all producers of this genres…!

Here you will find top current loops for your Electro House productions…deep and punchy kicks, sweet hihats…

Each loop is available in 5 different versions
(Kick, Full, no Kick, Hihat & Perc, FX), which gives you endless possibilities to combine your drumloops…

Top Electro House Loops for a Nice Price…!

Pack Content:
50 different Drum Loops (127 BPM).
5 different versions of each drum loop.

250 High Quality WAV Drum Loops in total (mastered with top hardware).

For all friends of this Electro House Sample Pack there is a sequel with fat Electro House Synth Loops in our program.

Electro House Drum Loops

This is the first pack from Electro House series which becames very popular these days and VIPZONE is planning to follow this trend as well.

If you make electro or electro-house or if you plan to produce this kind of music, you will be amazed by the quality of these drum loops, that you may hear only with the best productions of this genre. You will see! The kick is deep and punchy and the hihats are sweet and modern sounding.

Every loop is stored in 5 versions, kick, full, no kick, hihat and perc, fx

which gives you total control and almost infinite possibilities for chaining the content of different loops…and we’ve almost forgot to say: this pack comes at quite nice price!

The Electro House Drum Loops is our first endeavor in this particular line of drum loops for those aspiring producers and DJs who love coining artful and master music in the electro or house music genres. We intend to set a fresh new trend with this latest collection of an amazing high quality drum loops as you would not have seen any where else on the internet.

Check out this sample pack collection we have put together after endless brainstorming sessions to provide you with a chance to be in line with a highly in demand kind of music today. The drum loops in this pack are only seen in the most versatile and best productions created in the house and electro genres.

Drum Samples, Kicks, Hihats, Perc, Drum Loops for Electro and Electro-House Productions

Listen to the demo now. Verify for yourself the great kicks that are so deep and punchy you will be exhilarated at first hearing. The hihats we have created for your benefit are all ultra cool, sweet and the most modernistic touch you can ever hope for.

This sample pack has drum loops stored in five different versions including full, kick, no kick, FX and hihat and perc. Unbelievable, yes. But this is a realistic sample pack giving you the freedom of absolute control for coming up with infinite possibilities. The chaining possibilities with the different drum loops in this pack are endless. And it is sheer pleasure from start to end for those lucky users who get hold of this amazing drum loops pack we have created. Take a look at what this neat little package houses.

Pack contents:
50 varieties of drum loops recorded in 5 different versions
250 top notch wav files

WAV files

127 BPM

The electro house drum loops is the sample pack that will set a new trend in redefining the electro and house music. And for this alone it is worth listening to the amazing drum samples pack. Get the power in to your hand with this sample pack and control the next generation of house and electro music. Become a pioneer with a groundbreaking drum loops collection as never seen before.

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