Midi Melodies

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Not the sound…the midi makes the music!

A perfect melody is the cornerstone of every track. It’s the melody that stays in the listener’s ears. But such a hookline is not always easy to compose. Sometimes inspiration is missing and nothing can be forced. In exactly such moments you can consider yourself lucky when the right melody is served to you.

And this is where our Midi Samples come into play!

In our assortment you will find great midi samples and heaps of hooklines, created by professionals and either 1:1 usable or serving as inspiration. You will get the melodies in midi and audio format. So if you are missing the right sound, the audio files will do the work for you. All sounds sound 100% professional.

Midi Magic
Virus Midi Melodies

How to use our midi files:

Option 1 (include ready-made melodies)

  • Import our midi files (or wav files) into your DAW or sequencer software.
  • Use the melody 1:1 and arrange your track.

Option 2 (learn and be inspired)

  • Use the midis to learn how professional melodies and harmonies are built.
  • Get inspired and create your own unique melodies and harmonies.

Midi Melodies for easy making music

Our melodies are available in midi and wav format.

Lots of Midi Melodies in a bundle

In our Midi Pack Bundle you get 472 Midi Files filled with Melodies, Leads, matching Basslines, Arpeggios and Arpeggiated Riffs. All melodies are royalty free and available for download.

Midi Pack Bundle Box

Frequently asked questions

Are the melodies royalty free?

Yes, you can use the melodies royalty free after purchase.

Which formats are included?

All melodies are in midi format. Furthermore, many melodies are also included in WAV or mp3 format.

Why the audio files?

In case you are missing the perfect sounds to the midi melodies, we include audio loops in most cases, all recorded with official sounds.

What genres do the tunes cover?

The tunes cover genres of electronic dance music such as electro, house, hardstyle, jumpstyle, trance, hands up or techno.