Jumpstylerz Nightmare – Jumpstyle Sample Pack – Midi and WAV Loops

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60 synth midi files, 60 melodic jumpstyle kick midi files, 60 lead synth wave loops in 3 versions each, together 180 jumpstyle, hardstyle lead synth wave loops. Jumpstyle Sample Pack in WAV and Midi format with Jumpstyle Midi Kicks and Synths and Lead Synth WAV Loops.


www.vipzone-samples.comJUMPSTYLER'Z NIGHTMARE

Jumpstyle Sample Pack

Here comes Jumpstylerz Nightmare, a Jumpstyle Sample Pack with Midi Files and WAV Loops.

Fresh Jumpstyle Midi Files and WAV Loops with “Lead Synthetic Patterns”, 100% official, 100% Jumpstyle…!

In this pack you will find 60 Midi Files with typical “Jumpstyle Melodies”. Every single melody is additionally available in three different WAV loop versions, each recorded with different, official sounds.
These 180 WAV loops are “ready to use” and can be used immediately in productions.

As a bonus to the synth midis, 60 kick drum midi files are also included. Kick drum sounds are not included in the pack, but can be purchased in our “Hardcore Essentials” pack, so you can use them in combination with jumpstyle typical “Melodic Kick Rhytmic Patterns” in your productions.
For this, import the kick drum midi file into your sequencer, load the desired kick into the sampler and (if necessary) tune it some “cent”.

Pack Content:

  1. AUDIO – 180 Lead Synth Wav Loops (3 x 60)
  2. SYNTH MIDI – 60 Lead Synth Midi files
  3. KICK MIDI – 60 Melodic Kick Midi files
  4. Total size approx. 350 MB
  5. Tempo of loops: 145 BPM

Jumpstyle Midi and WAV files

In this pack you will find both Midi and WAV files. Specifically, you get 60 melodic jumpstyle kick midi`s. With these midi files you can finish the typical melodic jumpstyle kick parts in no time. The kick drum samples are not included in this pack. But if you still need official kicks for jumpstyle, hardcore, gabber or hardstyle, check out our different packs with hardstyle kicks.

And it goes even further with the Midi`s: Another 60 lead synth midi files are also included. These are typical jumpstyle melodies. You can use the melodies via midi with your own sounds. Alternatively you can use the included WAV loops.

Each melody is also available as a WAV file, i.e. as a loop

In order to offer you a decent selection of loops, we recorded each Jumpstyle Midi with three different synths. Each of these sounds sounds great and can be imported into your project immediately. Your Jumpstyle lead melody is ready to go right out of the box.

And if you need fat and typical synths and sounds for the lead midi files, feel free to check out our Hardstyle Lead Sound Pack collection. With these synths in SF2 Soundfonts format you have the right sounds at hand.

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MID Midi, WAV Wave


Gabber, Hardstyle


Loops, Melodies

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