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Vocals for Songs

Writers, composers, rhythm, lyrics and a performer – these are the main necessities of a good song. Besides these basic principles, many composers or writers decide to add a little bit of something extra to their songs to make them catchy. A good song needs to have the right singer or person to sing it. But before that it needs to have a well-built instrumental and of course the right vocals for songs.

If you ever listened carefully to a song, you probably noticed that somewhere in the far background. There is a feminine or masculine voice repeating a certain line throughout the song. Even if that line has the same rhythm as the song, most of the time, it stands out to the listener. What you usually hear in the background is called vocals or acapellas.

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Kate Lesing Acapellas
Lyane Leigh Vocals for Songs

A musician has to work very hard to get those parts right. They are the main traits of the song and they need to be perfect or they could really ruin the whole song and the reputation of the artist. Usually musicians organize castings in order to find the right people or the right sounds for the upcoming songs. But now they can do that online without much trouble. Instead of paying a lot of money to record famous voices, producer, musicians, dj`s and artists can find packages of vocals for songs here on VIPZONE SAMPLES. If you go to purchase them, you can be sure they will not cost a fortune and you will get to choose from hundreds of options.

These vocals for songs are very useful; they become a must when you produce a certain style of music like dance, trance, electro, house, eurodance, pop, dance-pop or even harder music like hardstyle or jumpstyle. They make the song come alive and get in the top of the music charts. If you are bold and unafraid, you could create your own vocals. Many talented people are willing to help you for a small amount of money. However, since the vocals are royalty free and available for download, why do you not take advantage of that?

The vocals can be used not only for music styles like trance, electro, house, dance, trance, hardstyle and so on. You will be able to find a great variety of packages of acapella vocals and vocal samples here. These samples can be mixed together in order to create a whole song, a single or even a full album and they will make your tracks stand out.

Release your own song including our vocals

Once you buy one or more packs of our vocals for songs, you get a licence to use. And with this you are allowed to release your own mixes including our vocals and sell your mixes as digital download, like on iTunes, Beatport etc. or even on vinyl or cd. Before you buy a pack of vocals, you have the option to download our demos until you find the vocal samples that you like.

When creating good music, a composer or a musician never thinks about the money he or she is about to spend on making the song. If the vocals are good and if he or she knows how to work with them, he or she will be able to create a real masterpiece.

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Most composers will encourage you to buy the available and ready to use vocals for songs. Their quality is top, they are recorded with best hardware. They are processed by producer who know waht are doing. And they meet the most professional demands and the price is more than accessible.

The staff of the recording-studio will provide the best pieces for your music. You could spend more money and ask a singer to come by and record some lyrics for you. But you can also instantly download our high quality, clear and natural sounding acapella vocals for a fraction of the cost. You can use them to produce your personal mix and then sell your version wherever you want.

Our vocals are ready to use! You just need to import them to your favorite Sequencer like Cubase, Logic, Reason, Fruity Loops, Ableton or even to beginner software like Magix Music Maker. Just start your own mix immediately.

These recording are natural. They are not made by machines but by people with lovely voices. The vocals for songs are carefully designed, written and composed by professional musicians and recorded just for you and your needs. The secret to these vocals is to find the right pack and adapt it to your song. In a couple of minutes, you could be the producer of a real summer hit!

You will get wav and additional midi files for instant download

Why should you make this investment while you are trying to put together a song? Because every track needs a special touch in order to become a real hit. And because the vocals for songs that you will find in our download shop are available for a very good price. You can find them in wav format and additional midi files are mostly included.

Songs that are made of instrumental sometimes need a little bit of voice or maybe just a special effect. And with our vocals for songs, you will be able to transform that trance or electro song into a number one hit, a real masterpiece.

After you get the vocal samples, you can instantly start your own mix. Based on the lyrics and melody provided by our acapellas. They sound natural and appealing. Usually the vocals are included in two versions: wet (including delay effects) and dry (without any effects added).

The vocals for songs can be used to emphasize a certain instrument or a certain singer

They can be specially designed to serve its purpose. Finding high quality acapellas including complete songs and lyrics is hard. But your search ends here. The purchase and instant download will be worth your time and money.

If you are a musician and looking for something special for your songs: you will definitely find useful acapellas in highest quality in our download shop. You will be able to find the best vocals for songs there. Don`t miss to listen to our demos and purchase the whole pack you are interested in. All the vocals that you need can be found in our range of samples. The prices are more than affordable and you will be satisfied with the results.

If you are a musician who likes his or her job, you will definitely take advantage of one of the packs with vocals for songs. No matter what type of music you like or produce. Be it trance, electro, hardstyle, jumpstyle, techno, house, eurodance, dance, pop, dance-pop and so on. At one point you will need a good organized pack of vocals.

If you do not want to spend a lot of money, you are welcome to visit our shop, find the right vocals for your songs and download them instantly.