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Who is going to pay for this…? Who ordered this…? No don’t worry, costs nothing, and the following samples are included:

MC Freeflow Vocals Vol. 3 MC Acapella Vocals

Free voice samples

A real MC brings voices into your productions. Sounds good? Is good! With our free voice samples taken from our MC Freeflow vocal samples a real MC is on your board from now on.

Free wav loops

This selection of free wav loops will give your production a real vinyl feel. The loops were pressed onto real vinyl after production and then digitized again. These free wav loops is a slection from our Vinyl Loops pack.

Vinyl Loops Wav Rx2 Recycle

Free FL Studio samples, but of course also compatible with other DAWs

If you’re looking for free FL Studio samples, you’ve come to the right place. But also as a user of any other DAWs, be it Cubase, Reason, Ableton, Magix Music Maker or others, you get here free stuff for your ears and of course for your digital audio workstation as well as for fat productions.

Hardcore Vocals Wav Hardstyle Jumpstyle Gabber

Free vocal samples

You need a vocal in your production? Then download our free vocal samples. Yes, they are hard, but however, not only suitable for hard productions…A selection of wav samples and vocal loops from our Hardcore Vocals pack.

Free midi samples

A selection of completely ready hooklines and melodies in midi and wav format from our Silver Melodies sample pack. Need a jump start on your main melody…? Then these midi samples are the solution, mix complete Dance and Trance tracks in a few minutes…

Silver Melodies midi and WAV files

Is that all…? No, there are still more samples from the following packs:

Free samples for FL Studio, but not only for…

Among the free samples you will not only find stuff for FL Studio. Rather, you get a selection of samples in various formats which are compatible with almost all popular DAWs, for example with Cubase, Reason, Ableton, Magix Music Maker etc.

What else can I say…? Go for it and download our free stuff…!

Wav loops, midi melodies, voice and vocal samples

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From this website you can download drum sounds, kicks, hihats, crash, cymbals, fx sounds and clap samples. In addition Hardstyle vocals, sf2 synth leads, midi and wav loops, in short many free samples from our sample packs. All midis and samples in Wav, Exs, Reason Refills and Soundfonts are useful for trance, techno, hardstyle and other electronic music genres. You may use samples in vst’s or standalone virtual sampler applications. Samples are compatible with Fruity Loops (FL Studio), Cubase SX, Propellerhead Reason and virtual samplers, for example Motu Mach5, Native Instruments Kontakt, Steinberg Halion and others… EXS samples are compatible with Logic Audio.