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Free Wav Sounds, Midi, Loops, Acapella & Vocal Samples

You may download a lot of free samples from VIPZONE SAMPLES®
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From this website you can download free drum sounds (kick samples, hihats, crash, cymbals, fx sounds, gated hardstyle bass drums and clap samples, hardstyle vocal samples and free Kate Lesing acapellas (vocals) for remixing, free synth leads in sf2 multisamples, midi and wav loops, as well as many free samples from our commercial sample packs. All midis and samples in Wav, Exs, Reason Refills and Soundfonts are useful for dance, trance, techno, hands up, hardstyle, jumpstyle, house, electro and other electronic music genres. You may use samples in vst’s or standalone virtual sampler applications. Samples are compatible with Fruity Loops (FL Studio), Cubase SX, Propellerhead Reason and virtual samplers like Motu Mach5, Native Instruments Kontakt, Steinberg Halion and others… EXS samples are compatible with Logic Audio.