Jumpstylerz Nightmare - Sample Pack Overview

Jumpstylerz Nightmare – Sample Pack Overview

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This is THE Jumpstyle pack!

If Jumpstyle is the name of your game, this pack is definitely for you! Sounds that are ready to use and they sound perfect for the genre! Synth and kick MIDI files and a huge number of synth WAV loops will make your sample collection richer and fatter. Easy to use out of the box, the synths are fat sounding and will fit on top of any track. On the bottom, the tuned kicks will do their magic and get your Jumpstyle wheels turning!

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The MIDI power!

This pack contains 60 melodic kick MIDI files and 60 lead synth MIDI files. Meaning, you have the melodies laid out and ready to be loaded into your favorite synth! The MIDI files are completely editable, meaning that you can cut, copy, transpose and double anything that you wish. This is perfect for adding dynamics and variety to your tracks.

The loops are jumping too!

On the other side, 180 WAV synth loops are waiting for you! Waiting to be dropped into your latest track and instantly used to provide a hook! You will find three variations of every synth melody, recorded with three different synths. That means you can either pick the one you like the most or simply take all three and use them together! Use them in different parts of your track or layer them, the options are in front of you. But that is not all, the MIDI files in this pack are used to create the WAV loops, so you can actually layer the loops on top of your own synth playing the MIDI file and get that wall of sound going! The possibilities just got closer to endless!

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What do I get in this pack?

60 melodic kick MIDI files, 60 lead synth MIDI files and 180 (3×60) WAV lead loops.

What do I need to use those files?

Any modern DAW will read them – standard MIDI and WAV files are universal!

Is this pack only for Jumpstyle?

It was produced primarily for Jumpstyle tracks, but it can be used for other genres too! Especially the MIDI files, since they are fully editable and tempo-independant.

How can I get this pack?

Very easy! Right here at this link.