Hardstyle Evolution Sample Pack Overview

Hardstyle Evolution – Sample Pack Overview

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Your complete Hardstyle pack!

This pack contains absolutely everything you need to make awesome Hardstyle tracks! A variety of samples awaits you inside. You have lead loops and vocals for your hook elements, kick loops in different keys, kick, snare, clap and FX samples for your beat… the complete package!

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Hook the listener!

For the frontal element of your track, you have a choice of 18 different leads in the form of 30 different lead loops! All of them are synced to 145 BPM and in high quality WAV format, so you can cut, layer and edit them as you wish! To top the hooks off, you also have 26 vocal samples to reinforce your lead lines. Together, leads and vocals can give you a very strong hook foundation for your tracks.

Beat factor

If you want to start off simple, you have the Hardstyle and Jumpstyle kick loops. Edit them easily together, and pick one of the provided keys each of the loops comes in! If you feel like creating your own drum kit, you have kick samples, snare samples, clap samples and some cool FX… just drag-and-drop them into your sampler! WAV format as standard means that these samples will be universally usable. The samples are already processed, so they sound beefy and track-ready, but there is enough headroom for you to add your own production signature.

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What do I get in this pack?

You get 30 Lead Loops (with 18 different leads), 26 Vocals, 32 Hardstyle/Jumpstyle Kick Loops, 15 Kick Loops. 10 Claps, 10 Snares and 10 FX.

Do I need a specific DAW or plugin to use this pack?

Nope, all samples come in standard WAV format and are ready to be used with any modern software.

How can I get this pack?

Very easy! Right here at this link: Hardstyle Evolution Sample Pack