Hardcore Essentials Sample Pack

Hardcore Essentials Sample Pack

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Go hardcore!

Your next hardcore track will get an energy infusion with this sample pack! Rumbling kicks, dark vocals and awesome synth multisamples await! The kicks will cover the pulse, while the vocals and synths take care of your melodies and hooks. Everything neatly packed up and ready to use right out of the box!

Hardcore is also a synonym for gabber. If you want to know more, read our article what is gabber music. And also to the little brother Hardstyle we have an article in which we go into the question what is hardstyle music?

It kicks and bites!

Your entire track hangs on the pulse – the kick. In this pack, good hardcore kicks are abundant! You get 128 drums in total – bounce, dark, deep, extreme, filtered, noise and standard kicks. All samples are neatly sorted and in high quality WAV format, which makes them ready to go as soon as you are! You have many different styles and characters covered, from big boomy kicks to sharp face-punchers. Of course, you can layer these kicks to get something new, unique and even more awesome!

All about the vocals!

Vocals can be the cherry on top, good vocals are like a pile of cherries! And the dark vocals in this pack come in large numbers and different forms. A total of 122 vocal samples, split into seven categories – intro, numbers, sentences, single word, two word, effects and vocals with effects. You have single words and complete sentences covered, from background vocals and effects to hooks and vocal melody samples. Also in high quality WAV format and ready to use – just drag and drop to vocalize your track!

The synths are key!

If that’s not enough, you can supercharge your synths with this hardcore sample pack! Ten hardcore synth multisamples are hiding inside, waiting to be released! SF2 and SXT formats included, ready to use with your favorite synth. These will add that finishing sheen to your tracks, along with the kicks and vocals that are already inside!


What do I get in this sample pack?

128 drums (seven types of kick with a folder each), 122 dark vocals (seven different types of vocal samples in separate folders) and 10 hardcore synth multisamples (SF2 and SXT formats).

How are the vocal synths labeled?

Besides being split into folders, you will have the “lyrics” as the file name, so there is absolutely no chance for confusion!

How can I get this sample pack?

Very easy! Right here at this link: Hardcore Essentials Sample Pack