Tribal Loops - Sample Pack Overview

Tribal Loops – Sample Pack Overview

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The sonic trip to Africa!

If your music needs to sound raw, African and tribal, this is the pack for you! Bring the authentic spirit of African music into your productions with over two and a thousand samples! Multiple tempos, different keys and perfect for any genre. The samples are in standard WAV format, with tempo clearly marked, so they are ready to go out of the box.

Authentic feel!

There is nothing better to add spice to your tracks than authentic groovy African loops! These loops use real percussion and instruments to bring the tribal spirit into your production. Played with feeling and emotion, the perfect element to add that organic feel! The loops are suitable for many different genres, so you are far from limited when using them. From atmospheric and soft to hectic and aggressive, the loops vary in character to cover a wide range of use! Each loop also comes in variations which you can easily layer and combine, and being in WAV format, they are extremely simple to use.

All the options

This is not just a simple pile of loops, there is much more to this pack! Every loop comes in at least two variations, one is the dry original one, the others having filters or effects applied. With over 2500 loops all together, that keeps your options pretty high! The tempos are also wide, from 50 BPM all the way to 140 BPM, so all your genres are covered. Tempo values are clearly marked, so everything is always in sight. As for variations, a few different filters run through the samples, separate or together, and there is a folder with special effects applied – if you want to go all in! In short, all tempos, all characters, all genres and all effects!

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What do I get in this pack?

Over 400+400 original tempo loops with and without a filter, three times over 400 loops that run at 140 BPM without a filter or with two different filters applied, 100+100 mixed 140 BPM loops with and without a filter, and 50 mixed 140 BPM loops with effects added.

Wow, that is a lot of loops! How do I keep them organized?

No worries, the loops come sorted, named and numbered – they are already organized for you!

How can I get this pack?

Very easy! Right here at this link.