Commercial Electro Vol. 1 Sample Pack Overview

Commercial Electro Vol. 1 – Sample Pack Overview

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The modern club sound!

All you need to lay the foundation of your next club track is in this pack! There are Electro House MIDI Files, Synth Loops (in normal and sidechained versions), bonus synth loops and bonus vocal loops. Everything is synced to 128 BPM and ready to be dragged-and-dropped into your next track! All the samples and loops are meticulously crafted so they fit extremely well together, so your job becomes even easier.

The MIDI files

A treasure trove of 30 excellent MIDI synth files await! You can use them for awesome catchy melodies, backing synths or even basses. The files are in standard MIDI format, and can be simply dragged and dropped into your DAW. Ready to go, all you need is your favorite synth plugin!

Electro House WAV synth loops

Good things come in pairs, so these loops also come in two variations – 31 standard synth loops and the same number of sidechained synth loops await you. Synced to 128 BPM and in high quality WAV format, ready for immediate use. They are made to work together, and you can even layer the standard and sidechained versions for extra creative freedom!

…and there’s more!

Bonus synth loops and bonus vocal loops are there as the cherry on top! For more melodic freedom, or if you need that extra hook to make your track shine. Also in high quality WAV format and tempo-synced to 128 BPM.

Please also have a look at our Commercial Electro Vol. 2 Sample Pack for even more One Shots and Electro Samples.


How many samples are in this pack?

30 House Electro MIDI files, 31+31 Electro House WAV synth loops, 27 bonus synth loops and 20 bonus vocal loops… in short – a lot!

What format are the samples in?

High quality WAV format and standard MIDI.

Are all files synced to 128 BPM?

Yep, set your tempo and you are good to go!

How can I get this pack?

Very easy! Right here at this link.