Import sf2 soundfont files

How to import and use sf2 soundfont files?

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Step-By-Step Guide

Confused by the sf2 soundfont or sxt sample types? Not for long!
All you need is a compatible synth plugin and your DAW – for this demonstration video we are using TX16Wx in Presonus Studio One.

  1. Open your DAW

    Step one is to open your DAW, load an instance of the synth and open the synth window.
    Import sf2 - Open DAW and synth window

  2. Import sf2 soundfont file

    The second step – importing can be done in two ways:
    You can simply drag and drop a sf2 multisample of your choice directly from your explorer/finder onto the plugin window. Or:
    Use the browser inside the plugin itself, navigate to the sf2 multisample you want, and simply double click it
    NOTE: some synths may provide extra options to import files.

    And… that’s it! From there, you can further tweak the patch inside the plugin, feed it MIDI data and process it inside your DAW. Import sf2 soundfont by drag and drop

In the following video we show how to import sf2 soundfont and sxt files

Soundfonts in FL Studio

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More details about the soundfont format and players

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sf2 Soundfont files for download

A large selection of sf2 soundfont files for various dance music genres can be found in our sf2 soundfont section.

Furthermore we have put together a ultimate soundfont pack with 12 complete sf2 soundfont sample packs.

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