How to import and use sf2 soundfont files?

In the following video we show how to import sf2 soundfont and sxt files sf2 Soundfont files for download A large selection of sf2 soundfont files for various dance music genres can be found in our sf2 soundfont section.

How to import and use our MIDI files?

In the following video we show how to import midi files Midi files for download A large selection of midi files for various dance music genres can be found in our midi files section.

A List of the best distortion plugins

Distortion is a pretty important tool in mixing, and wading through the best distortion plugins is equally hard! As usual, we are here to help you with a list of the best distortion plugins, both free and paid.Just a disclaimer – we will be including both distortion and saturation plugins here, since they are tightly [...]

What is distortion?

An answer to the question “what is distortion?” would probably start with something like “a deviation from the original form”… but that sounds a bit too scientific, right? Let’s move closer to our area of interest.“Distortion happens when a signal goes past the maximum volume capacity” would be an answer summarized in words that are [...]

A list of the best Reverb Plugins

The search for the best reverb plugins is long and hard, but goes better with a little help! What are the best free and paid reverb plugins on the market nowadays? You often need more than one, and it is never bad to cover all the characters. Room, Hall, Chamber, Spring, Plate, Convolution, Algorithm or [...]

The different types of reverb in music production

Which types of reverb exist in music production? Okay okay, let’s take a step back first – what is reverb? In short, it is everything we hear BUT the direct sound source, when the sound bounces around a space. Second, how do we use reverb? Modern music can not really be imagined without reverb in [...]

What are the best EQ plugins on the market right now?

Like with most things in life, the term „best EQ“ is often subjective and situational. That means that one equalizer plugin can work in one situation, but not be too useful in another. Therefore, we will go through our favorites today, and pick out a few for every use situation. Also, we will cover both [...]

What is an Equalizer and which types of EQ exist?

When we talk about the different types of EQ, we should first explain what an Equalizer is. In short, an Equalizer is a filter that affects only a certain range of frequencies, and works by amplifying and attenuating them. Sounds complicated? To make it simple, an equalizer makes a part of your sound louder or [...]