Commercial Electro Vol. 2 Sample Pack Overview

Commercial Electro Vol. 2 – Sample Pack Overview

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When “a lot of samples” is not enough!

This powerpack will take your production to the next level! A huge amount of different samples and loops for your next production. It will fit well if you are just starting with your sample collection or simply reinforcing it. Sorted, labeled, synced to 128 BPM and ready to use out of the box. Works great on its own, or even better with the two other packs in the Commercial Electro Series.

The melodic side

This pack contains awesome bass and string loops that will fit perfectly into any modern club track! Of course, as club samples, all come in standard and sidechained versions. 32 standard and 32 sidechained loops of shaking basses, along with 20 standard and 20 sidechained loops of enchanting strings, along with the MIDIs. The loops are made to fit together, so the entire pack can be molded into whatever your heart desires! All loops are synced to 128 BPM and in high quality WAV format, so they are ready whenever the inspiration hits.

His majesty: the Beat

Kicks, snares and multi tuned kicks will give your beat the perfect edge to move the bodies on the dancefloor! More than 50 samples in this part of the pack, you will have a plethora of options under your fingers. Both the kicks and the snares cover a wide variety of styles, roles and characters, and the multi tuned kicks will blend seamlessly into your harmony. The samples are hefty enough to be used out of the box, but still have enough headroom so you can further shape them with processing.

A bonus is never bad!

To round off the pack, come the vocal samples and a huge amount of bonus sounds! The vocal samples will provide you with catchy hooks or filler sounds, and the bonus sounds folder is just like a box of producer candy – a wide variety of samples to use or simply to inspire you.

Please also have a look at our Commercial Electro Vol. 3 Sample Pack for even more One Shots and Electro Samples.


What do I get in this pack?

32 normal and 32 sidechained bass patterns, 20 normal and 20 sidechained string loops, 20 MIDI string files, 13 kick samples, 13 snare samples and 25 multi tuned kicks, along with 180 bonus sounds and 22 vocal samples.

That is a lot of samples, how will I find my way in there?

All samples are sorted into folders and numbered, so it is easy to keep track of them.

Can I just drag and drop this stuff into my DAW?

Yep, set your tempo to 128 BPM and start pumping those beats!

How can I get this pack?

Very easy! Right here at this link.