Commercial Electro Vol. 3 Sample Pack Overview

Commercial Electro Vol. 3 – Sample Pack Overview

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Third time is even more charm!

We thought that the first two packs were big, so we made this one even bigger! The third installment in the Commercial Electro sample pack series brings vocals, synths, basses and a very big drum kit! Without the first two packs, you have enough to create modern club music. With the first two packs, you have more than enough to create awesome club tracks with ease! As always – sorted, numbered, synced, high quality and ready to use out of the box!

The very big drum kit

Starting with the foundation, you can lay it down with both standard kicks or tuned kicks, more than 30 samples together! Followed by open and closed hi-hats, cymbals, snares and percussion for a complete package. To top it off, we threw in full percussion loops on top, for that extra filler element to make your beat groove even better! All samples are made to sound like a part of a whole, so you can easily layer them, mix them and create your own personal drum kit!

Melody reinforcement

If you need a vocal hook for your next track, you will find a whopping 381 vocal one-shot samples here! Different roles, characters and styles are covered, but they all fit well into the modern club sound. To support the vocals, there are also synth shots, giving you extra options in arrangement. On the harmony side, chords are there both in audio (WAV) and MIDI formats, so you can layer and edit them as you wish. Not to forget the low end, basses in standard and sidechained form, along with a few multi sampled basses! Overall an abundance of melody and harmony, which you can easily combine into different track forms.

Please also have a look at our Commercial Electro Vol. 1 Sample Pack for even more One Shots and Electro Samples.


What do I get in this pack?

381 vocal shots, 522 synth shots, 14 audio and 14 MIDI chords, 32 normal and 32 sidechained bass patterns, 22 multi sampled basses, 28 kicks, 3 tuned kicks, 30 snares, 3 cymbals, 30 open hi-hats, 30 closed hi-hats, 30 percussion elements and 54 percussion loops.

Can I use this pack on its own or do I need the other two too?

You can use this pack on its own without any problems, but of course, it will fit perfectly with vol.1 and vol.2 of the Commercial Electro series!

How can I get this pack?

Very easy! Right here at this link.