Hardstyle Essentials Sample Pack

Hardstyle Essentials Sample Pack

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The hardstyle masterpack!

If you would have to take one hardstyle sample pack to a deserted island, this should be it! Drum samples, synth multisamples, bass and synth sounds, FX samples and Combinator patches inside! A pack huge both in size and sound, high quality and ready to use out of the box. For all your hardstyle needs, this pack should cover all of the sound duties without any problems.

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Drums – the kit from hell!

A whopping 400 sound samples await you inside this pack! You have kicks, snares, claps, hihats, rides, crashes and some more miscellaneous samples, just for good measure! Everything is neatly sorted, named and ready to jump into your next track. Inside here you have an entire drum kit and enough samples to cover any hardstyle and hardcore track you decide to make.

The synths are here!

Synths galore in here! A total of 28 synth multisamples (in SF2 and Halion formats), 100 hardstyle bass sounds, more than 200 singlesynths and 150 FX samples. A really wide array of styles and characters, and yet all these sounds will fit perfectly into hardstyle! High quality WAV format means that all samples are ready for use from the get-go, and the multisamples will work with any compatible modern synth.. Meaning less fiddling and more producing!

All sounds are professionally programmed, recorded, produced and mastered, so you have less to worry about. The sound is infused with the recognizable hardstyle character, but still has enough headroom for you to imprint your own sonic style on it!

For the Reason users, 111 Combinator patches are included to supercharge your next track!

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What do I get in this sample pack?

28 multisamples (SF2 and Halion format), 100 hardstyle bass sounds, 200+ singlesynths, 400 drum samples, 150 FX samples and 111 Combinator patches.

Do I need anything special for the Multisample synths?

The multisamples are in standard SF2 (and Halion) format, meaning that any modern SF2-compatible synth plugin will read them without problems.

How can I get this sample pack?

Very easy! Right here at this link: Hardstyle Essentials Sample Pack