Minimal Electro Vol. 2 Sample Pack

Minimal Electro Vol. 2 Sample Pack

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Make your minimum bigger!

Basses and leads are problems of the past! This pack brings you a combo of quality MIDI and WAV files for your basses and leads. The first volume of Minimal Electro was focused on the drum kit, while volume 2 is purely into the basses and leads. With volume 1 or without it, this pack packs a melodic punch!

Low end and melodies!

The building blocks of your next track – a total of 128 high quality WAV loops. In the deep end, 64 bass loops await you to make your next track groove even better! Combine them with a thumping kick loop to get the club going! On the high end another 64 WAV loops of lead goodness will make sure your productions are supplied with memorable leads!
Having bass and lead loops that fit well together is crucial, and that is what you are getting here. The loops are in a high quality WAV format, tempo synced (130 BPM) and neatly sorted into folders. They are not only ready right out of the box, but sounding awesome right out of the box! Every loop is carefully produced and mastered, so you will get the best starting point when you build your track up using these loops.

MIDIs for your convenience!

Along with the WAV loops, MIDIs are provided, so the layering games can begin! You have 20 bass MIDI files and 21 lead MIDI files inside the pack. The files work like any standard MIDI file – just drag them into your DAW and load your synthesizer of choice! To supercharge your productions, you can layer the WAV loops with the MIDIs, adding your own synths to the audio loops. Take a part of the MIDI, split it into multiple lines and feed it to multiple synths, the sky’s the limit!

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What do I get in this pack?

20 bass MIDI files, 64 bass WAV loops, 21 lead MIDI file and 64 lead WAW loops.

Do I need anything special to use the MIDIs? Can I edit the files?

The MIDIs are in standard format – meaning that any DAW and synth will read them without problems, also they are fully editable.

How can I get this pack?

Very easy! Right here at this link: Minimal Electro Vol. 2 Sample Pack