Hardstyle Essentials – Hardstyle Kick Samples and Drums – Bass and Synths

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Hardstyle sample pack with kicks, drums, basses, FXs, synths. The whole thing in WAV and SF2 multisamples format. Wave one-shots as well as wave loops for productions in the field of hardstyle, hardtechno, gabber, etc.


www.vipzone-samples.comHARDSTYLE ESSENTIALS 2006 from Soundbreeze

Hardstyle Kick Samples and Drums

Are you looking for fat hardstyle kick samples and hardstyle drums…? Then your search ends here…! And on top of that you get more samples for your hardstyle tracks.

Hardstyle Essentials offers you a selection of essential hardstyle & hardtrance sounds for your commercial music productions.

Hard multileads & single shots, thumping basses, effects, powerful kicks and much more…

The samples are all in 16bit 44khz WAV or SF2+HAlion. So the samples can be used in any popular program (Cubase, Logic, Reason, Musicmaker, Abelton Live, Storm, Orbit etc).

Pack Content:

  1. 28 Multisamples (SF2 + Halion Format)
  2. 100 hardstyle bass sounds
  3. more than 200 Singlesynths
  4. 400 DrumSamples (Hard, Club, Core)
  5. 150 FX (incl. gated vocals 144 BPM)
  6. SoundBreeze Reason Essentials (111 Combinator patches)

And what else is included?

As you can see from the pack content, there is a lot more in this sample pack besides hardstyle kicks and drums.

Especially for your hardstyle tracks there are 100 hardstyle bass sounds, as well as 200 single synths in WAV format. In addition, there are 28 multisamples in SF2 and Halion format.

Besides the already mentioned drum samples, 400 in number, there are also 150 FX sounds on board. Among them also gated vocals with a speed of 144 BPM.

On top of that there are 111 Combinator patches, as a bonus and to round off this successful hardstyle sample pack.

More Hardstyle Kicks and Drums

If you are looking for hardstyle kick and drum samples, we have something interesting for you.

To stock up your kick and hardstyle drum kit collection, we highly recommend our Hardstyle Sample Pack “Hardstyle Pro Samples”. Here you will find what you are looking for if you need more hardstyle kicks for your tracks.

Limited Time Offer!

Over 520 Sounds including Basses, Leads and Pads plus Bonus wav Samples!


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Product Features


SF2 Soundfont, WAV Wave


Gabber, Hardstyle, Techno


Loops, Multisamples, One Shots

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