Virus Leads Synth Sound Sample Pack Overview

Virus Leads – Lead Sound Sample Pack Overview

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Your new fat lead sound pack!

This pack personifies the big fat modern lead sound! With enough juice to energize any track, these leads will fit right into your tracks. Recorded with awesome sounding high quality gear, infused with inspiration!

Virus, but without the fever!

Recorded with only the top quality Virus sounds, this pack holds 30 multisample SF2/SXT files. Effects (reverb and delay) are already in, so you don’t have to worry about that. What you do have to worry about is how to fit all of them into your productions, because all sounds are ready to go out of the box! Pre-produced, prepared and fitting perfectly on top of any modern electronic track. Virus, being a legendary synth, will give your tracks that timeless feel. In short, this is hardware in software form.

Make your leads flexible

With awesome multisamples comes the awesome possibility of molding them into what you want. SF2 and SXT files loaded into your synth give you sonic headroom to bake your own sound in or play with the ADSR and get something completely different out of them. You are not limited by WAV files that are already done and recorded, you have the freedom to make your own grooves and melodies!

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What is inside this pack?

30 Fat Lead Synth Sound Multisamples!

What is a multisample?

A multisample means that the patch layers more than one sample at the time, so the sound is thicker, more realistic and simply- better!

What do I need to use the samples?

Any synth that reads SF2 or SXT files will do! Please check our tutorial how to import and use sf2 soundfont files.

How can I get this pack?

Very easy! Right here at this link: Lead Synth Sound Pack