Club Basses sf2 soundfont basses and wav kicks - Sample Pack overview

Club Basses Sample Pack Overview

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Check our video introducing these SF2 soundfont basses and WAV kicks

For all your kick and bass needs!

The low end is king in modern electronic music, and this is a royal pack!
This Club Basses pack holds plenty of kick samples and bass patches in a few different formats, and all ready to use out of the box. The samples are made to be used together, so you will not have a hard time mixing them, and layering will also be a breeze! These samples are covering different characters while still staying within the confines of modern Club Music.

Please note: This Bass and Kick Sample Pack is also available in our Sound Pack Bundle.

The Kicks

The kicks themselves are neatly sorted and numbered, so they are pre-organized and ready for you to use! You are supplied with everything – from basement shaking subby kicks to punchy high-hitters. A total of 304 kick samples in WAV format are ready to be dragged-and-dropped into your track. Some of the samples are dry, some have FX baked in, and they also vary in stereo content. All in all, you can find your perfect kick sample here or layer a few of them to make your own!

The kicks are suitable for all subgenres of techno music. Read more about the history of techno in our what is techno music article. And get an overview of how to make techno music.

The Basses

A perfect companion to the kick samples, fat club basses! Coming in as SF2, SXT and Reason ReFill format, all you need is a synth to load them in. On the following page we will show you how to import and use SF2 soundfont files. Just like the kicks, they vary in character and contents so they can cover a wide variety of roles. From subby, Moog-like basses, distorted wide fillers to bass patches that are clean, sharp and defined… you can easily layer them for that wall of sound in the low end! Over 100 patches are ready to use in your newest track!

Quick tip: If you still need a way to use soundfonts in your DAW, we have an overview of popular Soundfont VST Players here.

And if you want to delve deeper into the soundfont matter, here you can find all the answers to the question What is a Soundfont?

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How many samples do I get?

Over 300 Kick samples and over 100 bass patches.

What format are the samples in?

The kicks are all in WAV format, and the bass patches are in SF2, SXT and Reason ReFill formats. All files are also neatly sorted and numbered.

Do I need anything special to use the samples?

No, the kicks are in standard WAV format and the bass patches can be imported into any synth that reads SF2 or SXT format. Reason ReFill is also in standard format. If you need assistance, please see here how to import and use SF2 soundfont files.

How can I get this pack?

Very easy! Right here at this link: SF2 bass and WAV kick samples.