Import Midi Files

How to import and use MIDI files?

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In this quick tip we will show you how to import our, but of course also any other standard midi file into your DAW. At the bottom of the article you will also find a video in which we show the described again.

Standard MIDI is a widely used and widespread format which is very simple to use. The file’s role is simple. It feeds notes to whichever plugin you have it pointed at. MIDI files will work with all modern DAW and plugins without any problems.

  1. Importing MIDI files is very simple.

    You can always simply drag and drop them into your project. On the other hand, you can both preview and import them from the browser inside your DAW (although not all DAWs support this). As you place the MIDI file onto the appropriate channel, it will “feed” notes to the plugin that is on that channel.
    How to import Midi Files

  2. “Double” MIDI files.

    Some of the MIDI files will contain more than one line inside (so called multi midi or multi track midi files). You can drag them in from your explorer/finder, but that way you will import both lines at once. To import just one line from the file, you need to open it inside your DAW’s browser (it will look like a folder) and drag the appropriate line in.
    How to import Multi Midi Files

  3. Editing MIDI files.

    The flexibility on MIDI files is seriously great. You can edit the files in their entirety. It is extremely simple to isolate notes, hooks or figures inside the MIDI file and/or to separate them into more different files. The fact that changing the key takes a simple drag makes it great, but the fact that MIDIs sync to your DAW’s tempo makes it even better!
    How to edit Midi Files

In the following video we show how to import midi files

Create your own Midi files

You can use ready-made midi files and import them into your DAW. If you want to record your own midi melodies and need tips on how to get started, here is an article on how to make midi files. Also, don’t miss our how to use a midi keyboard guide to dive even deeper into midi.

Midi files for download

A large selection of midi files for various dance music genres can be found in our midi files section.

Please check also our big Midi Pack Bundle with 9 complete Midi Packs, a total of 472 Midi Files and lots of Melodies, Basslines and Arpeggios.