How to buy sample packs on VIPZONE

How to buy sample packs on VIPZONE

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How does the process of buying a pack look?

It looks very simple! It is like buying any item on a regular store website, the only difference is that you are buying yourself an awesome sample pack!

  1. Add to cart

    Navigate to your favorite VIPZONE pack and click the “add to cart” button.
    VIPZONE Add to cart

  2. View cart

    A message will pop up and tell you that the pack has been added to your cart. You can now click the “View cart” button.
    VIPZONE View cart

  3. Proceed to checkout

    You will see the pack (or packs) that are in your cart at the moment. When you are finished with shopping, click “proceed to checkout”.
    VIPZONE Proceed to checkout

  4. Filling billing details

    Fill out your billing details and any additional information.
    VIPZONE Filling billing details

  5. Place order

    After adding your payment method, you will see the total cost displayed, after which you can click the “place binding order” button to proceed.
    VIPZONE Place order

  6. Order received

    You will get the message that your order is received.
    VIPZONE Order received

  7. Download your sample pack

    And that’s basically it! You will see a download link on the next page, get the link to your e-mail address and you will also be able to access the link from your account on the VIPZONE website.

In the following video we show the buying process again step by step


How often can I download my sample packs?

You can download your products as many times as you like.

Will my download link expire at some point?

No, the download link does not expire.

How is the content of the Sample Packs organized?

Our sample packs are organized in a consistent and logical way. See here how our sample pack structure and organization looks like.