Best Reverb Plugins

A list of the best Reverb Plugins

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The search for the best reverb plugins is long and hard, but goes better with a little help! What are the best free and paid reverb plugins on the market nowadays?

You often need more than one, and it is never bad to cover all the characters. Room, Hall, Chamber, Spring, Plate, Convolution, Algorithm or something completely different? We’ll go through a list of the best reverbs you can get – with paying for them or without.

Best reverb plugins that are free

Your DAW Reverb

Sometimes the best reverb plugin is the one you have! Often discounted at the start, your DAW’s native reverb(s) can sometimes be very good. Their advantages are that the interface matches the rest of your DAW and they are often very well optimized. Give them a twirl, they are already there!

Voxengo OldSkoolVerb

Among the best Reverb plugins that are free, the OldSkoolVerb ticks many boxes. A simple and classic UI, many different reverb sounds (this is an algorithmic reverb) and not too heavy on the CPU. Overall a good all-purpose reverb plugin.

Cymatics Space Lite

The baby brother of one of the best reverb plugins on the market right now. Similarly to the “full” Cymatics Space, you are greeted with a sleek, modern and simple UI. Three reverb modes (Space, Hall and Spring) are available, and that is the biggest difference from the non-Lite version. Two rows of controls take care of shaping your reverb, and there are also built in effects.

Baby Audio Magic Dice

The best reverb plugin that is free, and also very weird (and fun)! Only two controls are present: wet/dry and a big dice, which you roll for a randomized preset. The parameters of the preset are uneditable, you can only click to get an entirely new preset… Can be limiting, challenging or inspiring!

In the following article you will find information about the different types of reverb in music production.

The best reverb plugins that cost some money

FabFilter ProR

One of the best reverbs on the market right now, modern and transparent. A UI which we know and love makes this reverb plugin very easy to use. On the other hand, the flexibility completes the package. ProR is loaded with options, rocking a clean modern sound, a 6-band EQ and all that with very simple controls. Overall, a very good all-rounder reverb and among the best reverb plugins out there.

Waves H-Reverb

One of the best reverb plugins when flexibility is the name of the game. Easily combining classic and modern, the H-Reverb is a true chameleon. Sporting a feature-packed UI, you have control of almost every aspect of the reverb. A very versatile reverb plugin and a great all-in-one solution.


One of the best reverbs when it comes to convolution, although pricey. The UI might fool you by looking a bit bland, but Altiverb is a convolution powerhouse, and deservedly a classic reverb plugin. Extremely realistic spaces, effective controls and ease of use round this plugin off. One of the classic plugins, a must-have if money is no object (or if you really need/like convolution).

Native Instruments RC 24

No wonder this is one of the best reverbs on the market, when it was made by NI and Softube together! Lush, rich and larger than life can be used to describe the sound here. When it comes to the visual side, the UI is clean and sleek, with a very interesting feedback window. Three modes and six sliders are all you need to shape a very tasty piece of reverb here. Inspired by classic hardware and part of the Reverb Classics series (hence the RC), this is a very capable reverb plugin in general.

Valhalla Room and Vintage Verb

Double trouble with two of the best reverb plugins from Valhalla! Both plugins are algorithmic and sporting a super cleek, clean and modern UI. The Vintage Verb is tuned to more natural and real tones, able to give you a lush and pleasant atmosphere any time. On the other hand, Room is clean, smooth and “unreal” in a very good way. These plugins are a good starting point if you are just dipping your toes into music production.

Soundtoys Little Plate

Ignore the “little” in the name, this is one of the best reverbs when plates are involved. Inspired by the famous EMT 140, Little Plate sports very simple controls and great sound. With built in modulation and filtering, you can further shape that distinctive plate reverb sound. And if you need more, the maximum decay time is longer than with the original hardware.

All plugins listed here are so-called VST plugins. Find out more about VST technology in our articles on what is a VST and what does VST stand for?


Looking for the best reverb plugin is a very long and complicated search.. Covering all types and characters is surely not an easy feat, but this list is a good starting point. Go from here, listen to different reverb plugins, trust your ears and pick your favorites! Some people say you can never have too many reverbs, and we agree!

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