Overview of Popular Soundfont VST Players on the Market

Welcome to the world of soundfont vst players, where the possibilities for creating unique and high-quality music are virtually endless. In short, a soundfont vst player is a software tool that allows you to load and play soundfonts. Keep reading to discover the top soundfont vst players on the market and how to choose the [...]

Best Delay Plugins

In the time when everything needs repeating, finding the best delay plugin is a very important mission! Luckily here we have a small collection of quality recommendations, including both free and paid plugins. After going through this text, the business of finding the best delay plugin out there should be a bit easier. In search [...]

A List of the best distortion plugins

Distortion is a pretty important tool in mixing, and wading through the best distortion plugins is equally hard! As usual, we are here to help you with a list of the best distortion plugins, both free and paid.Just a disclaimer – we will be including both distortion and saturation plugins here, since they are tightly [...]

A list of the best Reverb Plugins

The search for the best reverb plugins is long and hard, but goes better with a little help! What are the best free and paid reverb plugins on the market nowadays? You often need more than one, and it is never bad to cover all the characters. Room, Hall, Chamber, Spring, Plate, Convolution, Algorithm or [...]

What are the best EQ plugins on the market right now?

Like with most things in life, the term „best EQ“ is often subjective and situational. That means that one equalizer plugin can work in one situation, but not be too useful in another. Therefore, we will go through our favorites today, and pick out a few for every use situation. Also, we will cover both [...]