Reverb vs Delay: The difference between Reverb and Delay

Let’s talk about Reverb vs Delay. They are similar but not the same, so what is the difference between reverb and delay? Producers often say that putting the right effect on a sound is half the work in mixing, and that also makes sense here. So knowing the difference between reverb and delay is important! [...]

A list of the best Reverb Plugins

The search for the best reverb plugins is long and hard, but goes better with a little help! What are the best free and paid reverb plugins on the market nowadays? You often need more than one, and it is never bad to cover all the characters. Room, Hall, Chamber, Spring, Plate, Convolution, Algorithm or [...]

The different types of reverb in music production

Which types of reverb exist in music production? Okay okay, let’s take a step back first – what is reverb? In short, it is everything we hear BUT the direct sound source, when the sound bounces around a space. Second, how do we use reverb? Modern music can not really be imagined without reverb in [...]