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Electro-House Drumloops – Sample Pack Overview

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At home with your house beats!

Electronic music is centered around loops, and a good loop pack is a great foundation! Different styles, different forms, and different grooves – all in super high quality WAV format! The Electro-House Drumloops pack will supply you with all you need for a solid beat. You can begin by simply dragging and dropping the loops, and building everything else from there. It does not matter if you are a seasoned producer, an aspiring prodigy or a DJ who wants to spice up his sets – this pack will work for you and with you.

Your beat is your backbone!

You don’t build a house from the roof up, and you don’t start a track from the end! The beat will be your foundation, so it is important to get loops which sound good, have groove and give you stability. If you are into electro and house music, this is your ticket for that! A total of 250 loops, being 50 completely different loops in five different variations each. Each loop is synced to 127 BPM, professionally mastered and comes in high quality WAV format. The loops are sorted, marked and ready to be dropped directly into your next track. Be sure to check out the variety of club music styles this pack covers, because it does cover a lot!

Variations for variation!

What does 50 loops in five variations mean? It means that each unique loop comes in 5 versions: kick, full, no kick, hihat and perc, fx. Differing elements aside, all loops are easily interchangeable and fully compatible, so you can build your arrangement with ease! Start with just a kick, build the perc loop on top, add the fx loop before going in with the full loop… and there is always a “no kick” loop for those powerful breaks in your tracks! You don’t only get the loops – you get all of the building blocks too! Get an insight into what loops actually are. Read our article what are loops in music.


What do I get in this pack?

250 WAV loops all together, being 50 unique loops in five different variations each.

Can I combine variations of different loops or just the five variations of one loop?

You can mix and match as much as you want! All loops come in five basic forms so you can e.g. take percussions from one loop, kick from the other and hihats from yet a different one!

How can I get this pack?

Very easy! Right here at this link.