Loops of Dreams - Techno Drum Loops Overview

Loops of Dreams – Techno Drum Loops

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The do-it-all pack!

If you are producing different genres, or your productions mend different genres and styles together, this pack will elevate your game! While most of our packs are focused on a singular genre of electronic music, Loops of Dreams goes wide. You will find a wide array of sound covered here, and this is a pack you can use in literally any track you make.

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The genres are not a limit!

It does not matter which genre or combination of genres you are aiming for… techno, hardstyle, ambient, house or something else? You will find something for your next production in this pack. Not limited by a single genre, but covering a wide array of sounds and sonic landscapes, this is the all-arounder. From drum loops to instrument loops and background fillers – all is there. And all is also meticulously sorted and named, with marked tempos and in high quality WAV format. You can expect full drum loops, percussion, effects or instruments. The instruments will be in differing keys, so any tonality can be covered. The loops themselves are carefully produced and mastered so they sound great, but not shoehorn you into a particular genre or sound. It is not excluded that one of these awesome loops will inspire you to build an entire track around it!

Extra drums!

On top of the various loops in this pack, you will find two dedicated folders of clap loops and hihat loops (with a dash of cymbals inside). One thing that connects all electronic genres is that the drum kit stays as the centerpiece of the track, and you can never have enough quality drum samples and loops. The loops are also tempo marked and in high quality WAV format, so you can use them out of the box in your next track.

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What do I get in this pack?

Around 400 high quality WAV loops of various kinds!

The hihat and clap samples… are they made for a particular genre?

The samples do not have a particular genre’s sound signature baked in, so you have ample room to bend them to your own music style.

How can I get this pack?

Very easy! Right here at this link: Loops of Dreams – Techno Drum Loops