Trance Arpeggios Sample Pack Overview

Trance Arpeggios – Sample Pack Overview

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The right place for Trance arps!

Made by Janardana, this pack contains everything you need to make your Trance tracks pop! Trance arpeggios as MIDI files and audio loops are inside, along with some bonus goodies! Over 500 files await to make your next production even better than before – and all ready to use right out of the box. Standard format MIDI files and high quality Mp3 samples are compatible with every modern DAW and plugin… all that is left is for you to take the wheel!

Drive your synths crazy with MIDI files!

The heart of this pack are the 54 trance arpeggio MIDI files, which give you unmatched flexibility! As all MIDI files, they are fully editable – you can cut, copy, transpose or double whichever part or section you need. You have “single type” and “chord type” arpeggios, so they can cover a wide array of roles in your tracks. All you need is to bring up your favorite synth plugin and go wild! The MIDIs are professionally recorded and edited, so they can be dropped right into your project without fear of stray notes or off-timing.

Not just the MIDIs, but the audio too!

Containing over 500 Mp3 Trance arpeggio loops, your audio needs are also covered! Each arpeggio was recorded with different, top sounding and professional synth patches. You can easily combine different recordings – layer for thickness or sequence them up for dynamics. Of course, you can also use them along with the MIDI files and have infinite possibilities of sonic sculpting… use our professionally recorded audio along with your favorite synth patch as different layers together!

Bonus goodies!

As for filling out the low end, this pack also contains 11 Trance basslines as audio loops. They are played through all keys, so you have 143 bassline samples in total! The basslines are also professionally recorded and produced, and will fit perfectly with the arpeggios! This way you have both your arps and basses fitting together both in harmony and production – in just a few clicks!


What do I get in this pack?

54 Trance arpeggio MIDI files, over 500 Trance arpeggio MIDI loops and 11 Trance bassline audio loops.

How do the audio arpeggios, MIDIs and basslines fit together?

They are made in the same style of playing and production, so you can layer them without any problems and they will always sound like perfectly fitting parts of a whole.

How can I get this pack?

Very easy! Right here at this link: Trance Arpeggios Sample Pack

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