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Get an exclusive glimpse into the creative process of skilled producer Tascione as he guides you through the creation of a high-energy and impactful track from start to finish! Discover the advanced sound design techniques that modern EDM producers rely on every day, and learn how to approach mixing and mastering with a minimalistic yet effective mindset.

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Results You Can Expect From This Course

This course will give you the knowledge and skills you need to:

  • Get a better understanding drop theory and arrangement of drop elements
  • Discover powerful and effective sound design and processing techniques
  • Take a simpleapproach to mixing/mastering
  • Properly master your tracks with loudness and clarity
  • Understand the process of mixdownand where elements should sit
  • Understand song arrangement and how to create a track that flows into each section seamlessly
  • Understand how to make professional sounding drops that will impress your listeners
  • Effectively useFX to create a rise and fall in energy
  • Apply various sound design techniques that modern EDM producers are using daily to your own music.

About Your Instructor

Tascione, a highly accomplished EDM producer hailing from New Jersey, brings over 5 years of professional experience to the table. With an impressive portfolio that includes collaborations with renowned labels like Never Say Die, Quality Goods Records, Twonk, and Circus Records, Tascione has truly made a name for himself. His expertise lies in trap music, where his unique sound design style shines through.

Tutorials In This Course

  • Module 1 – Introduction
  • Module 2 – Intro Synths
  • Module 3 – Intro Drums/FX
  • Module 4 – Buildup (Drums, Synths, FX)
  • Module 5 – Drop Drums
  • Module 6 – Drop 808
  • Module 7 – Drop Synths/Sound Design
  • Module 8 – Arrangement
  • Module 9 – Sidechain
  • Module 10 – Mixing
  • Module 11 – Mastering
  • Module 12 – Outro


Software Used In This Course & System Requirements

Software Used In This Course:

  • Ableton
  • Serum
  • Fabfilter

System Requirements:

  • Intel Mac with OS X 10.7 or later, 4 GB RAM
  • PC with Windows 7, 8 or 10. 4GB RAM