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Elevate your performance above the competition! In this innovative course, DJ Subterranean delves into the world of DJing, covering everything from selecting the right equipment and software to mastering essential techniques for seamless mixing.

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Results You Can Expect From This Course

This course will give you the knowledge and skills you need to:

  • Spice up your sets by using techniques like double drops, chopping, and key matching
  • Mix faster and create quick, smooth transitions between songs
  • Choose the right equipment that best fits your needs and playing style
  • Get to know the differences between DJ units like controllers, turntables, and CDJ’s, their advantages and disadvantages
  • Develop your own mixing style and make your performances stand out
  • Layer different effects for seamless transitions on any DJ unit
  • Choose the right tracks for your set and create exciting setlists
  • Give your performances a unique sound by using tools like beatmatching, intros, and scratching

About Your Instructor

John Hanson, known as Subterranean, hails from Pittsburgh, PA, and is a talented producer and performer specializing in diverse genres of electronic music, with a particular focus on creating a powerful bass-driven sound.

With accolades from renowned artists like SeamlessR, Sancus, Dubloadz, LNY TNZ, Rahizel, and Deadly Buda, Joel Bevacqua (also known as Deadly Buda, Publisher of Hard Data Magazine) has hailed Subterranean as “a rising star with exceptional talent.”

Subterranean has graced the stages of prominent festivals such as Big Dub and Fantasyland, headlining major annual events like Dead World in Detroit.

EDM Nation praises Subterranean’s music as exemplary, invigorating, and full of boundless energy.

John’s tracks have garnered rave reviews and received promotion from esteemed platforms such as Hybrid Trap, Drop Central, and Wobblecraft.

Tutorials In This Course

  • 1. Introduction, Buying Guide and Setup
  • 2. Overview of equipment
  • 3. Beatmatching
  • 4. Setlist
  • 5. Keylock
  • 6. FX
  • 7. Double Drop
  • 8. DJ Tools
  • 9. Footnotes


Software Used In This Course & System Requirements

Software Used In This Course:

  • Traktor Pro

System Requirements:

  • Intel Mac with OS X 10.7 or later, 4 GB RAM
  • PC with Windows 7, 8 or 10. 4GB RAM