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If you’ve ever fantasized about collaborating with a renowned singer, then you must tune in to Kevin Energy and Jasmine Knight. This course will provide you with all the essential knowledge on producing vocals in a professional manner. You’ll learn everything from establishing a connection with your vocalist to recording takes, vocal comping, and achieving a high-quality mix. Jasmine Knight is widely acclaimed for her distinctive style, and with Kevin Energy’s expertise in production, these two will guide you towards creating EDM tracks that dominate the charts.

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Results You Can Expect From This Course

This course will give you the knowledge and skills you need to:

  • Understand how to work with a vocalist & be able to professionally produce vocals
  • Create a solid vocal prep and mix vocals with ease
  • How to use the right FX to enhance vocals in your track
  • Create professionally produced and mixed vocals
  • How to create thicker and fuller hooks that captivate your audience
  • Learn about manually pitching and timing vocals

About Your Instructor

Your instructor, Jasmine Knight from South London, has gained immense support for her vocal talent from various industry figures including Annie Mac from BBC Radio 1, Roger Sanchez, Danny Howard, Charlie Hedges, and renowned EDM artists like Vini, Vici, Hardwell, R3hab, Will Sparks, W & W, among others. This recognition is due to her collaboration ‘MOVE’ with Alchimyst and Trance legend Coexist, released through Alteza Records (Vini Vici’s label). The track reached number one on the Beat Port Charts and became one of the top six most played tracks on TIK TOK in Mexico.

Throughout the years, Jasmine has established herself as a significant figure in the UK underground Drum n Bass and House scene, starting from her teenage years. She now collaborates with exceptionally talented producers from all corners of the world and across various genres within the dance music scene.

Jasmine’s style strikes a delicate balance between underground influences and the ability to create songs that have the potential to top mainstream charts. Her powerful sound and captivating appearance make her highly sought after for collaborations across a wide range of genres. This is largely attributed to her impactful delivery and professional approach.

Kevin Energy, the renowned figure in the rave scene and leader of the Nu Energy Collective, has firmly established himself as a top-tier DJ in both the Hardcore and Hard-dance genres. With boundless energy and a penchant for musical innovation, there are few crowd-pleasers who can captivate an audience quite like Kevin Energy. It’s no surprise, considering that he started playing at big room raves before he was even old enough to attend legally. His unique sound and enthusiastic mixing style have made him a favorite among fans, always delivering an unforgettable experience with a smile. With a repertoire of upfront tracks and impressive scratching skills, Kevin Energy knows how to keep the party going like no other.

From the early stages of Dream FM and the event “Hardcore Fever,” Kevin has continuously progressed. He has taken charge of the Nu Energy Collective, which includes well-established labels like Nu Energy Records, Relentless Vinyl, Liquid Hardcore, Elevate Whites, and NEC Live, in addition to digital label concepts.

Kevin has always been an incredibly proactive individual within the industry. He pioneered the Nu Energy Collective LIVE PA, organized Freeformation party nights (alongside Sharkey), produced the Elevate Hard Dance album series, curated the Hardcore Heaven compilation mix, and dominated the scene with his worldwide DJ tours. It is evident that Kevin is one of the busiest DJs, producers, and promoters in the industry. His hard work has been acknowledged on a global level, winning him the “Best Hard Dance DJ” award twice and being honored with the “Outstanding Contribution To The Industry” award.

Following a hiatus from the rave scene in 2011, Kevin embarked on a new venture called ‘Big Jam Studios’ in Kent, UK. This venture primarily focuses on vocal production, and after a decade of honing his skills in refining the vocals of numerous singers, Kevin has amassed a wealth of experience to impart to you.

More recently, during the 2020 lockdown, Kevin collaborated with Jasmine Knight to create a crowd-funded album that combines elements of Hardcore/freeform and D&B. The project successfully raised £15000 through Kickstarter and garnered support from BBC Radio 1.

Now, both Kevin and Jasmine are ready to reveal their secrets on how they meticulously plan, record, and mix their sound to achieve perfection.

Tutorials In This Course

Module 1: Before Recording
1.1 – Getting to know your singer
1.2 – How to relax your singer
1.3 – Being prepared

Module 2: Vocal Preparation
2.1 – Microphones and placements
2.2 – Latency and levels
2.3 – A quick tip to keep in mind
2.4 – Splitting takes pt1
2.5 – Splitting takes pt2
2.6 – Producer direction
2.7 – Double tracking
2.8 – Creating harmonies manually
2.9 – Vocal comping
2.10 – Manual pitch correction with Flextime

Module 3: Mixing Vocals
3.1 – EQ
3.2 – Compression
3.3 – Adlibs / one shots
3.4 – Delays
3.5 – Break down vocals
3.6 – Build up sampling
3.7 – Final touches

Module 4 – Outro


Software Used In This Course & System Requirements

Software Used In This Course:

Logic Pro


Flex time