Hardstyle Looperz Sample Pack

Hardstyle Looperz Sample Pack

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THE Hardstyle pack!

Are you producing hardstyle, gabber, frenchcore, speedcore or similar genres? Then you are at the right place. The Hardstyle Looperz pack contains everything you need to set up a solid base for your next track! A total of 765 files awaits, including synth loops, drum and bass loops and some spicy bonus content. As always, everything is sorted and named properly, tempo matched and in high quality. Get a deeper insight into the hard EDM genres Hardstyle and Gabber. Read our articles what is hardstyle music and what is gabber music.

The loops!

A grand total of 101 loop sets awaits you inside this hardstyle sample pack! Each folder contains a set of loops – from drums, bass, synths and leads alone, to all of them combined. This means you can pick the loop set you like and instantly use the building blocks that make it tick. On the other side, you can also use the full loop for a quick idea or to enrich your live DJ set! The loops inside are produced and mastered with great attention, so they will easily fit into any modern track. Each element inside you can use on its own or along with any of the other elements, giving you all the flexibility you need. You can also combine some loop sets with other loop sets for brand new sonic combos!

Mini kits are not so mini!

Besides the main loop set base, 10 mini kits are included in this hardstyle pack. In these construction packs you will find additional building blocks for your tracks. From drums, bass and percussion to leads and synths! Most of the lines will also come in a few variations, so your arrangement problems will be a thing of the past.
If you haven’t had enough variety, there is a bonus section with 12 folders of different and awesome Hardstyle loops… but this section is only for the brave! 🙂

Please also have a look at our Hardstyle Looperz Vol. 2 for even more Hardstyle Samples.


What do I get in this pack?

765 files all together – 101 folders of loops, 10 mini kits (construction kits) and 12 folders of bonus loops.

Most of the pack is in 142 BPM, how will I know which loops are in 140 BPM?

All the loops in 140 BPM have the tempo clearly marked in the folder name, so it is impossible to miss!

How can I get this pack?

Very easy! Right here at this link: Hardstyle Looperz