Hardstyle Looperz Sample Pack Vol. 2 - Hardstyle Synth Loops Pack

Hardstyle Looperz Sample Pack Vol. 2

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THE Hardstyle pack, reloaded!

After the awesome Hardstyle Looperz sample pack vol. 1 comes the continuation of the sonic mayhem! The second volume will take care of your melody needs, bringing you leads and hooklines! You have both WAV and MIDI files at your disposal, so your options are very far from limited. On top of it all, we added professionally produced effects to the loops, because big can also get bigger. Get a deeper insight into the hard EDM genres Hardstyle and Gabber. Read our articles what is hardstyle music and what is gabber music.

Make some WAVes!

The magic number here is 300, and that is how many WAV files are in this pack. Recorded through not one, but three awesome synths, for triple the damage! Every synth was fed with 50 melodies, and those are recorded both dry and with professionally produced effects laid on top. High quality WAV format, tempo matched to 144 BPM, ready to be dragged and dropped into your next track. The melodies the synths play are identical, so you can layer all you want – layer the dry and wet versions, layer different synths together or layer it all along with the MIDI files – the sky’s the limit!

MIDI for that extra layer!

You also get the 50 MIDI hooklines that were fed through the three synths! Yep, along with the 300 WAV loops, you have the MIDIs for them. That means that you can layer the WAV loops with your own favorite synth patch and add your own sonic imprint to the loops! The MIDI files are tempo-independant, fully editable and they will work with any modern synth plugin. In short, this gives you an awesome set of possibilities – take a single melody or hookline and turn it into a complete track using MIDI and WAV files, just like that!

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What do I get in this pack?

50 MIDI melodies and 300 WAV files (recorded with three different synths, with or without effects – dry and wet).

Do I need the Hardstyle Looperz vol.1 to use this pack?

No, you can use each pack independently with no problems! Of course, you will get the best results when you do use both of the pack together.

How can I get this pack?

Very easy! Right here at this link: Hardstyle Looperz Vol. 2 Sample Pack