Hardstyle Looperz Vol. 2 – Hardstyle Melody Pack

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Hardstyle Melody Pack with Wave and Midi Synth Lead Loops for harder dance genres like Hardstyle, Jumpstyle, Gabber, Frenchcore, Speedcore etc. Hooklines and melodies in both midi and WAV format.


www.vipzone-samples.comHardstyle Looperz Vol. 2

Hardstyle Looperz goes into the second round

A hardstyle melody pack with midi and WAV hooklines for hardstyle and jumpstyle productions.

This pack contains 50 hardstyle / jumpstyle midi hooklines. Every single hookline is also available as a “ready to use” WAV file, every single hookline was recorded with three different synth sounds, each in dry and wet version (makes a total of six WAV files for every single melody).

Total size of the pack: 778 MB
Tempo of the WAV files: 144 BPM

These powerful hardstyle and jumpstyle synth loops can be perfectly combined with the loops and samples from HARDSTYLE LOOPERZ VOL. 1 and the multisamples from HARDSTYLE LEADS.

With the purchase of this product, the buyer is granted a non-exclusive usage license to use the midi and WAV loops “royalty free” in music productions commercially.

Pack Content:

  1. 50 Midi melodies
  2. 50 WAV-Files SYNTH 1 DRY
  3. 50 WAV-Files SYNTH 1 WET
  4. 50 WAV-Files SYNTH 2 DRY
  5. 50 WAV-Files SYNTH 2 WET
  6. 50 WAV files SYNTH 3 DRY
  7. 50 WAV files SYNTH 3 WET
  8. TOTAL: 300 WAV files
  9. Loop Tempo: 144 BPM
  10. Format: MIDI + WAV

The second Hardstyle Melody Pack

This is the second Hardstyle Melody Pack of the Hardstyle Looperz series. Unlike Vol. 1, this time there are also Midi files included besides the WAV loops. In total you will find 50 melodies in midi format in this sample pack. With these melodies you are ready to go and can supply your VST or hardware synths directly with fat and hardstyle-typical hooklines.

Small tip: If you need fat hardstyle lead sounds for the midi’s, we highly recommend our Hardstyle Sound PackHardstyle Leads“.

And if you don’t need midi and sounds at all, that’s also possible. Just like in Hardstyle Looperz Vol. 1 you get enough audio content in this pack. A whole 300 loops in WAV format are waiting to be imported into your DAW.

Specifically, each Hardstyle Melody was recorded with three different synths. Each of these synth loops is available in both dry (without effect) and wet (with effect) versions. You decide which version fits best into your arrangement. For each melody you get a total of six audio loops that are ready to use. Only official synths and sounds were used to offer you the highest possible sound quality.

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MID Midi, WAV Wave


Gabber, Hardstyle, Techno


Loops, Melodies

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