Electro House Synth Loops Sample Pack

Electro-House Synth Loops Sample Pack

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Lay that melody down!

The second sample pack in the Electro-House series is bringing you everything you need to lay on top of your beat! You are provided with basslines, lead lines and MIDI files for them! A ready-to-go pack of melodic content is what every production needs. Even better when it is suited to modern club music – electro and house primarily. In different keys and combinations, each loop comes in five variations so you can mix, match and create your own arrangement. On top of that, all loops are tempo synced and in high quality WAV format, so you can use them right out of the box. For even more possibilities, MIDI files are also provided!

Basses and leads as a team!

In over 300 WAV loops, there are loads of melodic combinations and possibilities! Fat synthetic basses and roaring lead lines are arranged and produced to perfection! The lines are in different keys, which brings you variance in setting the key for your own track, but again you can mix different lines that are in the same (or compatible) keys. The loops are produced and mastered as a whole, so they will fit together perfectly!

Five times the charm!

Each synth loop comes in four variations: bass, lead, combined and bass+lead. This means that you get the building blocks for each loop! The bass itself or the lead itself, bass and lead playing in unison or bass and lead playing lines that differ but fit together. This gives you options to have a quick start but later delve deep into details of your synth lines. The loops are perfectly matched, so you can combine and layer them without fear!

Add MIDI to the fray!

On top of the WAV synth and bass loops, there are also 30 awesome electro MIDI lines! These files will feed your synths with catchy clubby lead and bass melodies! The files are fully editable, so they will fit into any tempo and key easily. You can also split and layer them to give your synth lines even more depth. In the end, layering them with the WAV synth loops is a surefire way to getting the maximum out of this pack and your next track!


What do I get in this pack?

Over 300 high quality WAV synth loops and 30 Electro MIDI lines.

Are the loops in the same tempo and key?

The tempo for all loops is 127 BPM, and the keys differ – so you have variance in tonalities but can still mix-and-match different lines that are in the same or compatible keys.

How can I get this pack?

Very easy! Right here at this link: Electro-House Synth Loops Sample Pack