Best Delay Plugins

In the time when everything needs repeating, finding the best delay plugin is a very important mission! Luckily here we have a small collection of quality recommendations, including both free and paid plugins. After going through this text, the business of finding the best delay plugin out there should be a bit easier. In search [...]

Reverb vs Delay: The difference between Reverb and Delay

Let’s talk about Reverb vs Delay. They are similar but not the same, so what is the difference between reverb and delay? Producers often say that putting the right effect on a sound is half the work in mixing, and that also makes sense here. So knowing the difference between reverb and delay is important! [...]

Hardstyle Looperz Sample Pack

THE Hardstyle pack! Are you producing hardstyle, gabber, frenchcore, speedcore or similar genres? Then you are at the right place. The Hardstyle Looperz pack contains everything you need to set up a solid base for your next track! A total of 765 files awaits, including synth loops, drum and bass loops and some spicy bonus [...]

How to import and use sf2 soundfont files?

Step-By-Step Guide In the following video we show how to import sf2 soundfont and sxt files Soundfonts in FL Studio For all FL Studio users we have a separate article on how to use SoundFonts in FL Studio. More details about the soundfont format and players If you want to delve deeper into the soundfont [...]

How to import and use MIDI files?

In the following video we show how to import midi files Create your own Midi files You can use ready-made midi files and import them into your DAW. If you want to record your own midi melodies and need tips on how to get started, here is an article on how to make midi files. [...]

Commercial Electro Vol. 1 – Sample Pack Overview

The modern club sound! All you need to lay the foundation of your next club track is in this pack! There are Electro House MIDI Files, Synth Loops (in normal and sidechained versions), bonus synth loops and bonus vocal loops. Everything is synced to 128 BPM and ready to be dragged-and-dropped into your next track! [...]

A List of the best distortion plugins

Distortion is a pretty important tool in mixing, and wading through the best distortion plugins is equally hard! As usual, we are here to help you with a list of the best distortion plugins, both free and paid.Just a disclaimer – we will be including both distortion and saturation plugins here, since they are tightly [...]

What is distortion?

An answer to the question “what is distortion?” would probably start with something like “a deviation from the original form”… but that sounds a bit too scientific, right? Let’s move closer to our area of interest.“Distortion happens when a signal goes past the maximum volume capacity” would be an answer summarized in words that are [...]