Trance Samples

Trance Samples

If you are an artist, dj or songwriter, you will find that it is not always possible to access a professional sound recording studio. But nowadays you can create your own music productions in highest quality by using your little homestudio or just your computer, a sequencer software like Cubase, Logic, Ableton, Reason, Fruity Loops or Cakewalk and of course the right music synths and sound samples. VIPZONE SAMPLES offers you a large selection of trance samples, from synth sounds and vocals to midi melodies (instrumental music) for perfect trance hooks / hooklines in formats like Wav, SF2 Soundfont, SXT and Reason Refill.

Synth Sounds and Midi Melodies for perfect Trance Hooklines

These samples are suitable for complete pieces or for background music and you just need to add finishing touches. The trance samples offered at VIPZONE are royalty free and you do not need to look for great sound loops anywhere else since the collection at this site is extensive. The creation of excellent music by up coming trance artists, musicians, producer and djs is now possible with the availability of great trance samples. These samples and ready to use melodies are perfect for melodious trance tracks, song backing and club music.

Royalty Free Vocals, Loops and Samples

All that a music composer needs to do is to use some of our samples, loops or midi melodies, import them into your favorite sequencer software and just use them for making great trance music and song writing. Our trance samples are a selection of a number of modern music textures that are also perfect for other genres like disco beats or hands up etc. You can look at the different types of trance fusion loops available at VIPZONE and then sample them through easy playback in order to find out which ones are suitable.

Wav, SF2 Soundfonts, SXT, Reason Refill

The exciting sound samples that you can find at this website come in a wide range of sf2 soundfonts multisamples, drum loops and single shots, beats, midi melodies and ready to use hooklines in format Wav. The trance samples available at our website are of various categories according the music genre that you want to create. You can visit our product pages and listen to our demo`s to find out if they are suitable to use with the type of music that you want to create or if they are suitable for the song lyrics that you have written.

We assure you that you can find the samples and loops that will complement what you need perfectly since all types of music genres are covered. You can use them if you are an artist or dj that requires loops for his dance and trance productions. You can also use the trance samples to create orchestral compilations that can create soothing backgrounds for home videos or theaters. Download these samples instantly from our high speed servers and start your next great dance or trance production right now.