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2.500 real and elaborately produced vinyl loops in WAV and Recycle format (RX2). All loops are available as single files and as Refill Pack.



WAV loops with real vinyl sound feeling

Are you looking for WAV loops and you love the typical warm vinyl sound…?

Vinyls are known for their “especially warm” sound, which makes up the “typical club feeling”. Even DJ CD players now have a “vinyl effect” built in. This is an attempt to give CD`s (i.e. digital sound sources) this typical “vinyl effect”.

We now offer you original vinyl loops (100% vinyl re-recorded) for your virtual studio. Start now with the typical vinyl sound that many are looking for…

This sample pack contains over 2,500 files in WAV and Recycle format (RX2). All samples are available as single files or in Refill Packs.

Download our demo (used the vinyl loops + additional basslines).

Pack Content:
2,500 real vinyl loops in WAV and Recycle format (RX2).
All samples are available as single file and as Refill Pack

Vinyl Loops (WAV Tools) – An overview

We noticed that most loop samplers offer loops in tempo 120 – 130 BPM (few loop samplers offer loops for faster styles and productions).

Many applications do offer the possibility to adjust the tempo of the loops, but then these loops often do not fit the arrangement. This is because the “slow” loops are mostly “basic house loops” (which are less suitable for fast productions).

For this reason, we now offer loops created in tempo 140 BPM, especially for dance, trance and techno productions.

Each loop is available in 3 versions: 1. – digital with clean sound, 2. – re-recorded from a real (!!!) vinyl, 3. – digital with ultra-compression (Benny Benassi style)

Now a little more about the typical “vinyl sound” of these WAV loops.
The sound of vinyl is a legend. Compared to digital sound`s the sounds of a vinyl sound warmer. The vinyl pressing “smoothes” the sound. Combined with a little “distortion” coming from the high frequencies, this creates this “vinyl sound quality”.

There are many “vinyl simulators” on the market, but these just add some “clicks” and “noise” to the original material. Maybe this is one of the reasons why many of these vinyl simulators are only distributed as freeware 🙂

Our loops, on the other hand, have 100% real vinyl sound, because they were pressed on vinyl, and then digitally re-recorded.

The biggest advantage of “real vinyl loops” is that they sound perfect in arrangement with other parts. This is possible because of the typical uniform vinyl sound character, which gives you the typical “club sound” that many are looking for…

Besides the “real vinyl loops” we also offer “Ultra Compressed Loops”.
What does that mean? It means that we used High Quality Compressors and Equalizers (not PC Compressors) to get a “smoothing” and “heavy compression effect” like used by Benny Benassi for example.

These Ultra-Compressed Loops are VERY POWERFUL and will warm up your production by at least one notch!
You will get WAV loops in high quality

This WAV Loops Sample Pack contains over 2500 files in WAV and Recycle (RX2) format. All samples are available as single files or in Refill Packs.
These loops are royalty free and can be used in your production without any restrictions!

More details and feel free to download some WAV loops for free

You can download and test some loops from this original WAV loops Pack for free.
Get the loops in the free samples section.

Each drum loop has several versions that build on each other. From the basic loop, which only consists of a kick loop, to the full loop. In addition, there is also a no-kick version of each loop.

All loops are available with “digital sound character” as well as with the “typical vinyl character (re-recorded from real vinyl)”. Furthermore, there is an “Ultra-Compressed Version” of all loops.

Hihat loops, electro loops (often used in breaks), percussion loops are also included – very useful in almost any situation. Additionally the pack contains single bassline samples (also in 140 BPM and over all octaves).

If you need melodies to go with the loops, you’ll find many ready-to-use midi melodies exclusively here at VIPZONE.

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RX2 Rex2 ReCycle, WAV Wave


Dance, Electro, Hands Up, Hardstyle, House, Techno, Trance



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