Kate Lesing Vocals Vol. 1 – Acapella Vocals – Vocal Pack

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19 Trance and Dance Acapella Vocals by Kate Lesing. A vocal pack with female acapellas perfect for melodic dance and trance music.

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Professional Acapella Vocals for your Studio

19 professional and royalty-free Acapella Vocal Phrases (Vocal Construction Kit for 19 different songs) in the first Vocal Pack by Kate Lesing.

The vocals are ideal for producing professional vocal trance or dancefloor / hands up hits.

Each WAV phrase is available both without effect (dry) and with effect (wet). In addition, there are sample midis (matching bassline and harmonized chords) for each WAV.

The vocals can be cut and edited as desired. Arrange the Kate Lesing Acapella Vocals the way you like them best, and how they fit best into your tracks. Also the included midi files can be extended as you like, or used as is.

With the purchase of this pack you also get the right to publish the vocals. So you can publish tracks in which you use the vocals. You only have to follow our enclosed licensing terms and conditions and submit them to the record label before signing the contract.

This Vocal Pack is unique in its kind! There is currently no comparable vocal pack on the market!

Pack Content:
19 professional Dance and Trance Acapella Vocals, each as WAV-file in the version dry (without effect) and wet (with effect)
19 Midi files, one Midi file per vocal track
All lyrics are included as text file
Dance and Trance Acapella Vocals

License terms of the Kate Lesing Vocals Vol. 1

A vocal pack by Kate Lesing for melodic music productions

Kate Lesing provides us with 19 melodic acapella vocals that perfectly fit dance and trance music productions. But as we all know, there are no limits to creativity. So there are already numerous and also successful projects from other music genres, such as electro, techno, pop or hardstyle.

The first edition of Kate Lesing Vocals was and is so successful that we had to continue this Acapella Pack series with Vol. 2.

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Product Features


MID Midi, WAV Wave


Dance, Hands Up, Trance


Acapella Vocals, Melodies

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