Pure Electro Sample Pack

Pure Electro Sample Pack

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The complete Electro construction kit!

This pack is so electro that you can power your PC off it! You will get enough loops to arrange a complete electro track in a matter of minutes! And not only are there a lot of loops, they are also neatly marked and arranged, and in high quality WAV format – ready to go! Almost two hundred loops, all tempo synced to 130 BPM. All that is needed is a bit of inspiration to put them all together..

An abundance of loops!

Inside this pack there is all you need to lay down your next track. When it comes to drums, you have 36 kick loops, 36 hihat loops, 24 snare loops and 32 percussion loops. This is more than enough to make a huge number of different beat tracks! On the instrumental side, you get 25 synth loops and 37 bass loops – again enough for numerous different possibilities. Not to go into mathematics, but to count how many different combinations you can get out of this pack would give a very long number!

The loops are meticulously arranged, produced and mastered so they will be sounding fat and ready to go. There is also a bit of headroom left for your own sonic processing, so you can easily add your sound imprint onto productions in which you use the loops from this pack. The entire construction kit has that recognizable electro club vibe, which is a great starting point in shaping your sound!

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What do I get in this pack?

You get 25 synth loops, 37 bass loops, 36 kick loops, 36 hihat loops, 32 percussion loops and 24 snare loops.

Are all loops in the same tempo?

Yes, they are all tempo-synced to 130 BPM.

Do I need anything special to use the files from this pack?

Nope, all of them are in standard WAV format, so you can use them basically anywhere and with anything!

How can I get this pack?

Very easy! Right here at this link: Pure Electro Sample Pack