Minimal Electro Vol. 1 Sample Pack

Minimal Electro Vol. 1 Sample Pack

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The maximum for your minimal!

If you are just starting your sample collection for your minimal productions, this is the pack for you! On the other hand, if you are strengthening your sample pool, this is also a great choice! Why? Because you get a well rounded pack – from drums to basses and leads. And everything is a breeze to use – high quality WAV format, with everything sorted, labeled and tempo synced. The loops are carefully produced, mixed and mastered so they give you that sharp minimal sound and feel. Still, although the loops sound fat and production ready, you will still have headroom to add your own production and mixing imprint.

Loops and more loops!

Better get your calculator out, since there is a lot of loops in this pack! Starting with drums, you get 40 awesome thumping kick loops for your pulse. Next up, on the backbeat duties we have 20 snappy snare loops. For topping the cake, 60 hihat loops and 60 percussion loops will add atmosphere and sparke to your next track. Bass loops are there to pair with your kicks, 30 different loops in 12 sequences in total. For your lead parts, 17 lead loops in seven different sequences are included.

The quality and diversity of loops included here gives you a huge number of possibilities. You will find it very easy to quickly create a track that will sound huge and modern – perfect for the club!

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What do I get in this pack?

You will get 30 bass loops (12 different sequences), 17 lead loops (7 different sequences), 60 hihat loops (20×3), 60 percussion loops (20×3), 20 snare loops and 40 kick loops.

That’s a lot of loops! I’m worried about finding my way through them. How are they organized?

No worries, all loops are clearly labeled, divided in folders, with a handy tempo reminder.

How can I get this pack?

Very easy! Right here at this link: Minimal Electro Vol. 1 Sample Pack Download