X Dance Midi – Midi Bass Lead String Arpeggio

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36 Multi Midi files, each with 5 segments, Main Lead Melody / Hookline, Bass, Strings, Counter Melody, Arpeggio Sequence. From Midi Bass to Midi Melody, these Dance Midi files cover it all.

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X Dance Midi

X Dance Midi Pack contains 36 multi midis, each with up to 5 segments, Main Lead Melody, Bass, Strings, Counter Melody and Arp Sequence (making 36×5 midis in total).

All the melodies in each midi file are perfectly matched to each other.

This is a great pack for both beginners and professionals. Load the midi into your sequencer and play it with the VSTi you want…

Pack Content:

  1. 36 Multi Midi files

Multi Midi with Bass, Lead, String and Arpeggio

In the 36 Multi Midi files you will find a total of 5 segments.

  1. Main Lead or Melody
  2. Bass
  3. String
  4. Counter Melody
  5. Arpeggio Sequence

So you get a total of 180 midi tracks (36 multi midi files x 5 segments).

Since the 5 segments fit to each other, you already have 5 midi tracks ready to go. Or use the segments as inspiration and compose your own melodies.

You can find even more Midi Melodies in our Midi Melody Pack “Midi Magic”. In this Midi Pack you get Multi Midi files with melodies and matching bass sequences.

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