Lyane Leigh Vocals – Acapella Vocals – Acapella Pack

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8 ready-to-use Acapella Vocal Songs by Lyane Leigh in WAV format plus midi files with chords. A top class acapella pack. Get Lyane Leigh in your studio.

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Lyane Leigh Vocals DEMO

A top class acapella pack


Get the gold and platinum award-winning singer Lyane Leigh in the studio!

Eight completely finished acapella songs, each with verse and chorus (choir voices/doubles), sung by Lyane Leigh.

The songs were recorded exclusively with top hardware and meet the most professional demands. Each recording is available in two different versions (“dry” without effect and “wet” with effect).

The songs are perfectly suited for use in dancefloor, Eurodance, pop, R&B, hands up and trance productions.

When purchasing the product (acapella pack), the buyer is granted a non-exclusive usage license.
With this usage license it is allowed to use the vocals “royalty free”, i.e. without further license fees in music productions commercially.

Lyane had her first success already at the end of the 80s with the chart hit “Come back and stay” of the “Bad Boys Blue”, where she contributed the female vocal part.

In the 90s came the big breakthrough as lead singer of the dancefloor project “E-ROTIC”, with which she could record international chart successes and as a result, gold and platinum awards. Hit`s like “Max don`t have Sex” and “Fred come to bed ” are still a household name and belong to the classics of the 90s dancefloor.

Pack Content:

  1. 8 ready-to-use Acapella Vocal Songs in WAV format.
  2. Each song is available in “dry” and “wet” version
  3. All song lyrics are in txt format
  4. Midi file with chords + BPM info included for each song


  1. Andromeda Girl
  2. Bondage Boy
  3. Can`t Fight The Feeling
  4. Don`t Break A Heart
  5. I Can`t Believe
  6. Lay Love On Me
  7. My Mailbox
  8. Stranger Love

License terms of the Lyane Leigh Vocals

Get the Lyane Leigh Acapella Vocals in your Studio

As time-consuming as it is to write lyrics and record vocals, it’s easy to get Lyane Leigh’s ready-made Acapella Vocals into your studio. Or let`s better say, to download….

You’re just one download and one Acapella Pack away from loading a full eight finished and professional songs into your DAW. At the same time, the Acapella Vocals can be used perfectly in all imaginable music genres. You can hear the range of applications in our demo.

And as a bonus you get midi files with chords in this Acapella Pack. The song lyrics for all eight Acapella Vocals, as well as the info for the BPM (speed) are also included. You have all freedom when producing and mixing. Because each song is available both without effect, as in the version “dry”, and with effect, so in the version “wet”. As you can easily see from this. This Acapella Pack scores like our other vocal samples especially in terms of quality and scope.

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Product Features


MID Midi, WAV Wave


Dance, Electro, Hands Up, House, Techno, Trance


Acapella Vocals, Melodies

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