Lyane Leigh – License Agreement

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License Agreement

By using any of the Lyane Leigh Acapella Vocals (“Vocals”) purchased from VIPZONE SAMPLES ( / (“Licensor”), you (“Licensee”) hereby agree to the terms and conditions of this license agreement.

§1. Licensee shall have a worldwide, non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the Vocals in audio / music productions, for profit or non-profit.

§2. The Vocals may not be transferred, copied, reproduced or released by itself, either in whole or in part.

§3. The Vocals may not be resold, licensed or distributed to any third party.

§4. VIPZONE SAMPLES reserves all rights. This Agreement does not effectuate any sale of the Work. Except for the rights sublicensed under this Agreement, Licensee shall not have any right in, and shall not have ownership of the Work, including any copyrights. All rights granted hereunder are granted to a non-exclusive basis.

§5. For any commercial release (on physical sound-carriers, legal downloads or any other kind of media) in credits and label copy the following author has to be explicitly stated:

Music and Lyrics by: Lyane Leigh / Thijs G.P. Hegemann
Verlag, published by: 3H Music Germany / Edition VIPZONE

§6. The Vocals / Songs are reported by the publisher 3H Music Germany / Edition VIPZONE at the GEMA (german royalty collecting society). Every commercial release (on physical sound-carriers, legal downloads or any other kind of media) has to be reported to licensor VIPZONE SAMPLES before the date of release. VIPZONE SAMPLES arranges the registration of the release with the GEMA in which the Licensee is given as editor. There are no fees to be paid to VIPZONE SAMPLES for the registration with the GEMA.

§7. No further license costs have to be paid to Licensor (VIPZONE SAMPLES).

§8. In the event of any material breach of this agreement, all rights granted under this agreement shall terminate immediately.

§9. This Agreement shall be governed by the law of Germany. The parties will consent to the exercise of jurisdiction over it by the courts of the city Köln / Cologne, Germany. If any paragraph hereof, and the remainder of this Agreement shall be effective as if such void, invalid or inoperative paragraph or provision had not been contained therein.